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Identity Crisis

Is it a dress watch? Is it a sports watch? What is it? There are some watches that are hard to categorize, like this Longines for example. It has roma...

Is it too big?

I asked this about a month ago in a post but it's hard to get a clear answer. So I am hoping this simple poll does the trick. I myself think I just about pull it off and it's a fantastic watch. But he...
79 votes

Tacticool? 馃憖馃槑 Nah, I can't see 馃挬

Eh... So I bought this GW-M5610U-1B as an upgrade, I had the dw5600bb before it. The negative display on the dw5600bb was ok, not as good as a positiv...

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commented on Nodus Unity

I enjoy your YouTube videos, I've been a subscriber for years now, like before Covid. Thanks for all the content, can't wait to see this one 馃檶

commented on HELM


commented on Cantaloop's WRUW

I've noticed there are two versions of the plan B with a significant difference in price. Any idea what that is all about?

commented on JJMM1983's WRUW

Oh! I did not see this model before

commented on Best affordable alternative for the Tudor Pelagos series?

I have the Ti one. Should I get the stainless steel one too?

commented on Identity Crisis

Would it also work with cargo pants and a black t-shirt? 馃檲

commented on Identity Crisis

"Contemporary sporty dresswatches鈥 - catchy, I like it

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Help me find the best G-Shock Square

I've had this DW5600BB for a few years now, it's a great watch. That said, I would like something a notch or a few notches up. I am looking for a sola...

I'm a strapoholic. Are you? Show me what you got!

Good straps are hard to find. And by good I mean different, not the same bond nato over and over just in differing quality and price. So I would like...

"Two Watches One Strap"

Every once in a while I think of this video from TGV and the idea of adding a digital Casio to the same nato strap you are wearing an automatic watch...

Show off your cathedral hands!

Let's see all those #cathedralhands . Post your shots below 馃憞

42mm too big?

Hey! I am just not sure if this 42mm watch, 50mm lug to lug looks ok on my 165mm wrist. What do you think? (In case the first photo isn't clear, I am...

Underwater 馃

Just wanted to share this photo I took and edited with all of you.