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How to build a relationship with an Authorized Dealer?

I am fairly new to the watch world and got a serious question: For a lot of watches you need a good relationship with an AD to be even considered as a...

Did I just get "The Call"?? Oh my word, I just got the call!

But first, let's rewind. For those that don't want the back story: my AD emailed me to say I can buy an Air King. That's it. Those who do want it, rea...

What are our Crunchers thoughts on Baumรฉ and Mercier

I work for an AD in Australia for a couple of watch brands. One of them being Baumรฉ and Mercier. Iโ€™m kind of curious what the watch community especial...

Finally made it into an AD, a great time was had

Of course the only pictures I got were of the Rolexโ€™s and these funky MiB edition venturas, even tho I went to try on a Moonwatch. Gotta say the Moonw...