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Square Patek vs Circle Patek 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Although I may end up getting both (because I have no self control 馃お馃お), if you had to choose one, which one would you choose: 1944 18k Patek ref 1442 1962 18k Patek ref 2592
33 votes

Guess the best investment

The most glaring omission in @Mr.Dee.Bater's multipart series on why watches make great investments is the nearly foolproof results investors gain in the vintage market. There is nearly nothing that c...
26 votes

Best watch

I鈥檓 from Brazil and I want to buy one of these watches!! I鈥檓 go travel to New York to Maine and I don鈥檛 know what is the best watch
26 votes

Do you have a "Grail Watch"?

It seems that having a "Grail" watch is a must for any watch enthusiat. But it is? I don't know if there is a definition, it seems that a Grail Watch basically is a very expensive watch. So I am curio...
172 votes

Which watch is a better investment?

Which watch will hold its value better? . . . . . . This poll was inspired by @Mr.Dee.Bater.
42 votes

How often to you set your automatic watches to the correct time?

Also, do your watches run fast or show? Let us know in the comments.
112 votes

The SEIKO route or the micro brand route ?

As Christmas is approaching, I am questioning myself on which watch should I get next? Being a big fan of Seiko I have wanted to buy an alpinist for a long time. I have also recently found an interest...
78 votes

Scratched Up

Scratches on a watch I wear are a badge of honor. They show that a watch is well-loved and well-used.
125 votes

If the zombie apocalypse starts today and you have to run away from your home, wich watch would you choose from your collection?

Post your pics
82 votes