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Do you have more than 3 watches from a single brand in your collection?

I鈥檓 jonesing for another Laco, smaller with no logo compared to the one I have but my brain keeps telling me to diversify my collection and try someth...

Seiko really hit it out of the park with the SSK

I mean for generally $300 - $400 you鈥檙e getting a GMT, a very nice jubilee bracelet (considering Seikos reputation with it), a nice design and grip on...

Windup Watch Fair watch stock/discounts?

Hi All, I'm going to the fair for the first time next month. I'm interested in potentially buying something that would cost extra to ship like a Balti...

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commented on Best Nautilus/Royal Oak Alternatives?

I kinda like the GP when considering cost

commented on Which one for a daily office watch

Do you know where to get a prince day date without paying a premium for it? I鈥檓 in the market for one 馃槄

commented on Do you have more than 3 watches from a single brand in your collection?

@zelos give this man a discount 馃槀

commented on Jomashop MIDO TV bigdate

$700~ instead of $1200 for the Ocean Star 200c

commented on Jomashop MIDO TV bigdate

I bought a Mido from Watchmaxx which is their competitor and am so happy with it no problems at all and good price. Should be similar good deal

commented on Life after Pelagos - what next!?

Depends why it didn鈥檛 get in your rotation

commented on The humble Tissot鈥.

Would love this if I didn鈥檛 already have 2 Tissot watches and a Tsuyosa that serves a similar purpose in my rotation

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Petition to stop using 鈥淭iffany Blue鈥 to describe light blue dials

I just realized my wife has a small peice of Tiffany jewelry which got the gears spinning in my head. Why is 鈥淭iffany Blue鈥 used way too much in watch...

Just got in to This Watch, That Watch on YouTube!

Man somehow this guys takes are so engaging and detailed I can鈥檛 stop watching. Anyone else subscribe? I like how he can break down value in detail bu...

Do you have a watch that wears big that you still enjoy anyway?

Hi All, This is my Laco Ausburg 42 Polar 鈥淣apa鈥 edition. At 42mm it鈥檚 really not that big but the fact that there鈥檚 no dive bezel and a large crystal...

Is the Baltic Mr01 watch a bad idea for longevity?

I鈥檓 in the market for a salmon dial and have been thinking about it for a while but it sounds like the movement is pretty complex for a normal watchma...

Why don鈥檛 more companies list crystal diameter?

In my journey I鈥檝e realized what makes a watch wear or feel larger or smaller boils down to the lug with and the actual diameter of the crystal. In fa...

Ever get relieved to throw away a broken watch?

I wear all my watches and try to have them in the rotation otherwise what鈥檚 the point? For me at least. Anyhoo my box has been getting filled and one...