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A good day for the Vostok

The decision to strap on my Vostok Amphibian tonight was easy. I like how its black rubber band pairs with the flannel and blue face pops. Happy watch...

UK watchmakers

I’ll be in the UK working for a week later this month, primarily in London. I would like to visit some in-country watchmakers and welcome your recomme...

Good day for the field watch

I’m a consultant and met today with a large metropolitan zoo. I thought it fitting to strap on the Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler field watch. Good choice...

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commented on What’s your brand? ·

Citizen. I like them because they’re classy and of high-quality yet are accessible to the majority of the watch-buying community.

commented on A good day for the Vostok ·

Totally agree. That’s why I selected it. Yours looks great, by the way!

commented on Challenge: Help me to find the missing pieces! ·

Add a Citizen field watch. I like the Chandler Eco-Drive.

commented on ◇ ONE BRAND ◇ ·


commented on Loving my new Hamilton ·


commented on Buying in EBay? ·

I always interact with the seller by asking questions. That gives me a sense of whether the watch listing is legitimate and the condition it says it’s in is accurate. I’ve purchased several great watches on eBay.

commented on What would you wear on a first date ? ·

I’d wear this guy. It’s my standby — a Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Calendar Two-Tone 41MM. An all-around classic watch!


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Loving my new Hamilton

I decided to strap on the Boulton Mechanical for Red Friday in Kansas City. I love its timeless, subtle sophistication. Go Chiefs!

Found it!

I bought a watch in mint condition today that’s identical to the first nice timepiece I owned. I found it on eBay and should receive it in a week. It’...

Strapped on the Citizen this morning

I decided to strap on the Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Calendar Two-Tone 41MM for a funeral on this cold, wintry Saturday in Kansas City. I love this guy....

Snow day

Kansas City is snowed in today with a foot of snow in some places. Decided to strap on my Garmin Venu to track steps around the house!

Love how it pops

I wore this guy today with a pink shirt. Love my Timex!

Initial collection complete

My Hamilton Boulton, which arrived last week, completes my initial collection. It joins my Garmin Venu, Vostok Amphibian, Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler,...