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Blancpain x Swatch Bands?

Anyone find watch straps they like for the Blancpain x Swatch collab? I like the look I have here, with black and green, but it's a cheap silicone str...

Seagull, International Woman's Day, and Hilarity

This is both hilarious and sad. Seagull's chronograph has been popular with female collectors because it's one of the few chronographs under 40mm. Whe...

Question for Swatch x Blancpain Watch Owners

I do love the ways these look. However, I'm curious about something. Do you hear a rotor rattle when you move it? I can hear it quite clearly on my ow...

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commented on Moonswatch, is there a price for its value?

It's fun and I love it. If you think they look fun, then it's worth the price.

commented on Annnnd in Black 馃枻

I prefer the white one, but given the popularity of Mercury, I'm guessing this will be the most popular one. And on a new moon during the eclipse at that. Pretty cool.

commented on Omega X Swatch

The real one has a matte texture and sharp lines, not smooth edges. Honestly? It's the bioceramic. It makes a clean sharp edge.

There's also texture in the subdials, rings.

You can see a bit of foil or something under the bezel at an angle.

On the back the lugs are sharp and have subtle indents in them.

Color is a big one, they often don't match the color.

If it's in hand you can tell by the movement frequently too. The real one has a tenth of a second indicator on the top right subdial, and ticks, then goes smoothly back to 12 on reset, making a whirring or fast ticking noise.

The biggest tell is usually the texture. They've gotten better at aligning the dial, printing the "Tachymetre" so it doesn't look slightly jumbled, but they can't replicate the texture with normal plastic.

Also, so glad you're asking. I see fakes posted on here quite a bit from people who seem to think they're real and I feel bad, but don't want to call it out. 馃槄

commented on Which is the best Swatch Collaboration?

My first MoonSwatch was Saturn. I've picked up a few more since then. Told myself I wouldn't get the mission to the moon one because I intend to get an Omega Speedmaster at some point, and why have two similar watches? Then they made the moonshine one and I figured a little variation could be fun. Plus it may be years before I can go for the Moonwatch.

I definitely think Swatch applied lessons they learned from the MoonSwatch to the Scuba Fifty Fathoms, but I do think I prefer the MoonSwatch case design more. Wish it had the better scratch resistance though.

commented on keg.nj's WRUW

lol. It's actually quiet compared to other Swatches. It has to do with how they bond the movement to the case. It even became part of their marketing a long time ago. Swatches tick!

commented on MoonSwatch Moonphase: Austin Store

That's actually not too bad! I lined up on the second week they were out. Got there at like 6am to be 20th in line. Actually made it to work by 10am.

Seems interest is still high. Though I wish it wasn't. And I wish I could just order one online, even if it took months to get to me. But that's not going to happen.

commented on lol 馃槀馃槀

Yup. But now with the Omega name, branding, or style.

Which is what people pay for and line up for.

Make no mistake, I have plenty of Swatches. I love them. But charging a markup over their chronographs without the iconic Speedmaster design and branding isn't unreasonable.

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