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Sea-Gull Officially Launches a 1963 Edition with a Transparent Caseback

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Only Two Authentic Seagull 1963 Editions

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alonzotang commented on Current state of the collection. ·

Great collection brother! You deserve one authentic Sea-gull 1963 Original Limited Edition:)

alonzotang commented on Sea-Gull Officially Launches a 1963 Edition with a Transparent Caseback ·

As a devoted Seagull 1963 chronograph collector, I completely understand the temptation! Once you experience the precision, visual appeal and interactive feeling of a mechanical chronograph like the 1963 movement, it's hard to go back to quartz.

And that's the beauty of Seagull's pieces - you CAN afford a finely crafted in-house mechanical chrono from them. I love my higher end Swiss pieces too, but none give me the same thrill as winding my 1963 Chronicler or feeling the snappy pushers snap back. Seagull pioneered an accessible mechanical chronograph while keeping quality on par with luxury brands.

The smooth sweep, the intricate Chinese aesthetics marked "22 Zuan" showing master status, displaying the decorated ST19 column wheel movement...every detail is mesmerizing. I say go for the 1963 Wind Chaser and get ready for a new level of watch love!

alonzotang commented on Sea-Gull Simplicity ·

looks nice

alonzotang commented on Sea-Gull Officially Launches a 1963 Edition with a Transparent Caseback ·

You raise an excellent point. As a long-time Sea-Gull collector, I truly believe they make some of the best Chinese watches, built upon decades of mechanical watchmaking expertise since the 1950s. It is a shame their reputation gets tainted by the flood of homage watches from mushroom brands.

Sea-Gull continues to focus on innovative and authentic designs, such as the iconic 1963 chronograph, and more recently, the ST8080 series with intricate enamel dials. These demonstrate Chinese watchmaking at its finest.

However, you are right that some consumers unfairly dismiss Sea-Gull due to negative perceptions of Chinese watches being cheap clones or homages. This oversight pains me as a fan who has enjoyed the quality and history behind the Sea-Gull name for many years.

My hope is that more watch appreciators will give Sea-Gull a chance to see past the "Chinese watch" stereotype. Once people experience the craftsmanship first-hand, they tend to gain immense respect for this heritage brand that bleeds passion into every watch they produce in Tianjin.

alonzotang commented on Sea-Gull Officially Launches a 1963 Edition with a Transparent Caseback ·

You raise some fair critiques about the new Sea-Gull 1963 reissue. As a collector myself, I appreciate the display caseback but agree it's not a huge selling point given the availability of aftermarket options.

The font and sizing on the dial design is certainly subjective. I can see how you'd find it unbalanced with the large Air Force script. Personally, I don't mind the stylized numerals but can understand it comes down to individual preference.

Good catch on the movement etching! I also appreciate those small original details on the bridge. It's a shame if other brands replace the Sea-Gull marking with their own. To me, that historical engraving is part of what gives the ST19 charm and significance as an early Chinese chronograph movement.

At the end of the day, no reissue will satisfy every collector's tastes. We all seek different traits in the 1963 chronograph. I'm just glad Sea-Gull continues producing this classic watch, preserving its heritage while bringing small modern updates. It was overdue for an official transparent caseback option.

alonzotang commented on DHL Delivery Driver Called Me Out ·

I should clarify that by "fake", I meant counterfeit copies that illegally replicate the design while using cheap, subpar materials and selling at a lower price. These hurt Seagull's brand image. As long as users don't misrepresent these pieces as official Seagull releases, no deception occurs. Thank you for explaining this market segmentation - it provides helpful perspective.

alonzotang commented on Workweek watches vs. weekend watches ·


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