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Redifining value one strap at the time: One week on the Wrist Pd1717 review

Why would I get this watch I asked myself a few times before buying it almost 3 weeks ago now. First I was eyeing it for almost a year but the price w...

Pagani design 1717

3.8 Avg. Score

Any Canadian aliexpress buyers here?

First time experience buying a Pagani from China. What should I expect at the Canadian borders? I'll have to pay extra taxes? How will this work? I'll...

Same watch but another color?

Have you consider or even did buy the same exact watch but in another color? Lately I've been looking for a blue more dressier watch but also versatil...

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commented on Seiko SNE573 A chef perspective review ·

I definitely think you won't regret having this one! Thanks!

commented on Seiko SNE573 A chef perspective review ·

Thanks! And yes Seiko nailed it this watch is a good one!

commented on The thing with water resistance..🤿🚫 ·

I'm more concern with the shower with any of my watches even the divers I own. Soap and steam are the real enemies of watches in my opinion. If I go in sea or deep lake I prefer having my least expensive ones not because of water depth but the risk of loosing them. Modern watches these days are very capable and for 99% of us snorkeling around they are more then sufficient! Casio duro was my go to for more risky adventures but now that I gave this watch I will rely on some Gshock or any casio in my humble collection!

commented on Post Your blue dail favorites… Fam!! ·

Mako koko

commented on Show off your white dials 👍 ·

I'm a little late to this post but hey sharing is caring right?

commented on Fredwatch50's WRUW ·

The bracelet is okay. Flexible but I'm a hairy guy and it pulls them alot. My intention was to put this watch on a leather or natos anyway.

commented on Redifining value one strap at the time: One week on the Wrist Pd1717 review ·

That's a very good looking watch Sir! Looks perfect on your wrist!

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