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Limited DOXA Sub 200 for the Kuwaiti market.

Hello everyone, here's a limited edition to celebrate 60 years of Behbehani, a retailer based in Kuwait. I'm sharing some visuals on the 60-piece limi...

Next Swatch Collab ??? (After Blancpain)

Let's see who's the most visionary among us!
164 votes

DOXA SUB 300 尾 Hands On at GVA WATCH DAYS.

As a native of Geneva and a DOXA fanboy , I couldn鈥檛 resist paying a visit to my favorite watchmaker @ Geneva Watch Days , hosted by the Lake and the...

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commented on First Proper Diver

Great & original combo !!

commented on Watches from Tissot

Wearing mine today 鉁

commented on Doxa Army Weiss Field

Love that Doxa army strap combination!

commented on Last Purchase Of 2023!

Good Choice, current Doxas are closely the same as the Sub200 in terms of case diameter, sometimes even thinner (Doxa Army).

My First Doxa was a exactly this one, the Sharkhunter Model in 2021. I couldn鈥檛 comprehend at that time what 41/42mm meant, as a watch size nor how it could be on my wrist. Moreover Doxa鈥榮 Website doesn鈥檛 let u visualise and compare the models. I feared that the traditional 300t would be too big for me.

So I gifted myself that sub 200.

Welcome to the club, wear it in good health!


Trying the 300t

commented on Analog Explorer Podcast | AE.20

That red strap combo 馃サ

commented on WatchCrunch introduction馃

Wonderful Aquamarine Sub 300 馃憣

commented on drcarter13's WRUW


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Show us your VOSTOK watches !

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Tissot Prx in its "DIGITAL ERA" in 35 and 40mm.

Are we really ready for this ? I wasn't. Honestly, here is my initail reaction. Jokes aside, here are a few leaks : It seems that Tissot will drop thi...

DOXA Sub 200, After Action Review [vol.2]

Foreword: you've probably come across my Citizen Promaster After Action Review before. If you haven't, please have a quick look ! Thx In the Swiss arm...

Doxa Sub 200 Sharkunter Ref. 799.10.101.10

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