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Overlapping Passions

I changed into my Christopher Ward The Twelve in titanium for a night at the theatre. Wanted the right watch (70s-inspired design) for a play set in t...

Hanhart in the city

Cant leave this guy off my wrist for long. And I'm awfully close to that badge 😁. Closing out the week with my Hanhart Pioneer 417 ES 1954 in 39mm. H...

CW The Twelve - Am I Giving Into The Hype?

The short answer : Yes! Happily. The longer answer if you really want to know... and not sure anyone is asking : Once one starts going down the watch...

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commented on oliverte's WRUW ·

That is a real beauty! I've been half looking for an ebel with one of those 80s-tastic wave bracelets. It seems not only beautiful, but ultra-comfortable! But this chrono is 🔥. Enjoy! 🍻

commented on Uncle_Tall's WRUW ·

Thank you, Danilo. Stellar indeed ✨

commented on Uncle_Tall's WRUW ·

Thanks, Tony! It's really something special when it gets out into the sunlight.

commented on Belt_n_Braces's WRUW ·

Oooh! Looking quite nice on that engineer style bracelet, Tom! Is it comfortable? Does it matter when it looks this good 😁. Enjoy it 🍻

commented on Uncle_Tall's WRUW ·

Thank you, Sir. Appreciate it!

commented on Uncle_Tall's WRUW ·

I haven't had any real issues so far. It doesn't hack, so I can't set it precisely. It seems to keep time quite well (it always seems to be about on target at the end of the day). Winding is a little fiddley with the tiny crown, and setting the time doesn't feel extra solid (maybe also due to the tiny crown).

But it's pretty 😁

commented on Do you love chronograph dials - but hate the ugly pushers that come with them? ·

Can't say I'm in the same camp. I love the look, and think the pushers on a watch like the Hamilton or my Hanhart are part of the look


Some chronos have more "integrated" pushers like the Bulova Lunar Pilot or Studio Underd0g which might offend your sensibilities less.


However, if you like the look of the subdials, but are less interested in chronograph functionality, have you seen the triple calendar complication? It's not very common, but might do what you're looking for. There's the Maen Brooklyn which can give you that panda look


Without big pushers on the side


Or, harder to come by, the Kurono Calendrier Type 1


Might be worth checking around to see if there are others that might do what you're looking for. Good luck!

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