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First thoughts on Spinnaker - Croft 3912 GMT

I’m sure that just about everyone on WatchCrunch has heard of Spinnaker by now, following the craze which surrounded the “Fifty Phantoms” in October....

Review 1: Kurono Tokyo - GMT 1

I've been following Kurono Tokyo since I first began to explore my interest in watches in mid-late 2020. I resisted the urge to pick up the Anniversar...

Kurono Tokyo GMT 1

4.2 Avg. Score

A Watch Collector Confession

As I walked into Windup Watch Fair in NYC on Friday Oct. 20th, it had completely slipped my mind that Jack Mason had a surprise announcement coming. I...

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commented on A magical watch with an exceptional story of humanity and the power of this hobby. ·

Wonderful story. I’m glad you’ll get to continue enjoying that watch.

Would be really interested in seeing some of those videos you made!

commented on I never knew Zippo made watches lol. I would actually wear this ·


commented on SNK style watch ·

Not bad!

commented on Bergeron Casback Opener ·

Yes. In use, these balls apply friction and pressure to the caseback, allowing them to be screwed in or unscrewed.

They are less likely to work on casebacks that are tightly secured, but are generally quite functional.

There’s nothing special about the Bergeon-branded one as far as I’m aware. Others should work just as well.

commented on Who’s annoyed by the luxury watch bros!? ·

Absolutely fantastic response. Excellent points, all very true!

commented on Who’s annoyed by the luxury watch bros!? ·

I disagree. WatchCrunch is full of people with varied tastes in styles and brands. I check the forum every day, and I can say with total confidence that it is not overrun with high-end-first hobbyists. I respect where you’re coming from, but interest/appreciation for watches is for anyone- just as you said! Don’t let the presence of expensive watches taint your enjoyment.

commented on 3 is enough ·

Crushed it 🔥

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SOTC - October 2023

Well, here it is. My shot(s) of the collection. I’m a collector. Frankly, it’s a terrible habit; one excellently illustrated by @brunofrankelli in his...

Kurono Tokyo GMT 1 (and some fun pictures)

While attempting to capture a picture of the bent hands of the Kurono Tokyo GMT 1, I found that I could get some pretty interesting shots of the watch...

Kurono Tokyo GMT 1

The start of shipping was announced on the Kurono Tokyo Facebook page this morning, and it looks like I was lucky enough to be one of the first to shi...

Swatch X Blancpain formally presented by Hodinkee

Here is a link to Hodinkee’s YouTube video. And this is a link to the full Hodinkee article. Alright, here it is. The first look at the Swatch X Blanc...

The Bond Nylon - BB54

Someone had to do it. Intentionally missized and all. Reference images from Golfinger (1964):

A Little Swatch Rant

@dswrist ’s recent post on the new “What If…” square Swatch got me thinking about how Swatch is designing (or continuing to design) their modern watch...