Is Quartz movement shit ??

The release of the Seiko Astron on Christmas Day 1969 marked the beginning of the quartz revolution, changing the face of watchmaking forever. This first quartz wristwatch transformed timekeeping with its unprecedented accuracy and affordability, challenging the Swiss dominance of the watch industry and signaling a shift towards electronic watchmaking. The Astron's legacy is not just in its innovation but in its democratization of precise timekeeping.

Is Quartz movement shit ?? or is it a real revolution ?


Shit no, its big shit


Trust me, even the cheapest Skmei quartz are more accurate than the METAS certified automatics/mechanicals. Go to the higher priced HAQ and we get to ridiculous levels, like Citizen's Caliber 0100 with its +/-1 second per year.


It's different. Whether it's better or worse depends on what aspects of a watch movement you are prioritizing, and there are varying degrees of quality across mechanical and quartz movements. Asking if quartz is shit is like asking if cheeseburgers are shit. The answer says more about the person giving it than the subject of the question.

You haven't said WHICH quartz movement.

But generally speaking, no, they're amazing. Either they're acceptable and cost peanuts, or they're expensive and they're the the best thing for timekeeping besides atomic clocks.

It's just that the cheap ones aren't attractive, that's all.

Where comes that opinion from? It sounds like something a YouTube subperson would say.

Quartz was a significant part of horology but IMO has been superseded by mobile phone and smart watch technology. We don't need watches to be accurate now because they will never match another easy way of telling the time. This has diminished their dominance and made them less appealing to some people.

That an interesting subject ! I do think as many of you that quartz is a real revolution in term of giving opportunity to lot of people a watch with an incredible precision and that's the main subject

Quartz is great. Accurate, inexpensive, resistant, low maintenance, extra thin. Only pros.

No, quartz isn't shit. They are more accurate and durable than mechanical. Right now, the trend is for the mechanical movement watch.

Imagine if you will for a moment, imagine if the quartz didn't become popular and became discontinued for some reason. These quartz Seiko's would be more valuable and desirable that a Rolex. Experts would praise the movements accuracy and plead watch makers to make quartz once more.

Quartz marked an evolution in watch making. I have several watches with quartz and hybrid movements. They鈥檙e fantastic. Personal choice if you want to be a mechanical only enthusiast but I would never call quartz shit.