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Birthday purchase

Hadn't planned on purchasing another watch so soon after the 3 G-Shock squares I've acquired since Christmas, but someone posted a similar picture on...

Watch Repair Recommendations in Anaheim, CA?

I just received a text from my brother to let me know that he rcently purchased a vintage Seamaster that reminded him of the one that our dad used to...

G-Shock Owners: How do you travel with your watches?

G-Shock Owners: How do you travel with your watches? I'll be traveling next month and plan on taking 3 G-Shocks with me. Before getting sucked into th...

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commented on Vintage watch repair in San Francisco?

Leonel is a good watch repair guy who's been highly recommended by friends and family and an even better person. He was having medical issues when I last spoke to him last year, so please be patient when giving him a call as he may not be observing normal business hours. He's open on Saturdays though, which is a blessing if a weekend works better for you.

commented on Best watch colors for dressing up?!

I wouldn't wear either of those with formal attire.

commented on Cruise Watch

My suggestion for a travel watch will always be a Casio G-Shock with Bluetooth connectivity and an MIP display. I've traveled for close to a month and can't stress enough how convenient it was to have a watch that's consistently accurate every time you cross into a different time zone while also displaying your current home time for reference, aside from being inexpensive enough to not have to worry should it be lost or stolen.

commented on What is your favourite TUDOR watch model ?

The original burgundy Black Bay Heritage 'smiley' that my wife and kids got me for my 60th birthday will always be my favorite Tudor.

commented on Ones of my Gucci watches

Yeah, that's beautiful!

commented on Now THIS is a strap!

Thank you!

commented on GMT hot topic - what would you go for? 馃敟馃

Give me the time only Serica 8315 Travel Chronometer in Desert Red please!


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My NFC Champion Royales

Looking forward to the game today and hoping the Niners come out with the win. Oh, and Detroit, it's NOT "San Fran".... Let's go!!

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Links to metal cases for GAB2100 CasiOaks without the AP-style bezels?

Can someone kindly suggest or provide a link to a quality metal kit on AliExpress or elsewhere for the CasiOak? I'm thinking of purchasing a GAB2100 t...

Anyone else excited about the DH 1972 re-release?

I wonder if anyone else is excited about the Dan Henry 1972 pvd re-release on Black Friday? Seems like they did away with the alarm function and used...

What's with all the vitriol for Hodinkee?

I've been following the thread about Timex's latest collaboration with Cara Barrett, a former editor at Hodinkee, and was quite surprised at all the c...