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EDC 2024

It's funny how you collect so many watches and knives but it usually comes down to only one or two of each that actually make the cut on a daily basis...

Alba Epsilon Titanium!! It's here!

Recently I fell down the eBay vintage watch rabbit hole, and this is the result! Three weeks to get here from Pakistan but totally worth it! I was loo...

Tracking my delivery

Anyone get so excited that they track the flight that contains your new watch? Departed from Doha, Qatar and currently over the Atlantic. I took a cha...

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commented on One of my favorite bracelets… Breitling Navitimer Bracelet. What’s your favorite bracelet?? ·
commented on NickAngusce8008's WRUW ·

Ooh that's actually really nice

commented on watchstack's WRUW ·

I know Chicago's getting the Cicadocalypse right now. Milwaukee's not too bad yet

commented on What was your most worn watch in May? ·
commented on tlechaos's WRUW ·

Jealous. This one is a banger for sure

commented on Anti-Hype, Under Radar 90's Alba Field Gear ·

I'm hyped.

commented on Fear of making a mistake and making my first big purchase. ·

"2nd cool"? A Nut n Fancy fan? 😁

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CA-53 strap on my DW-290

We all know how awesome the Casio DW-290 is, and a lot of people agree that the stock band is not the most comfortable with those heavy ridges digging...

Journey to rebuild a discontinued Casio

TLDR: I put a working module from an old watch into a NOS case I found on eBay to restore a discontinued Casio model. Lately I've been obsessed with a...

Opening Weekend in Wisconsin

Anyone take their favorite watch out hunting this fall?

Casio SGW-500 + lume shot

Just picked up another Casio to feed the mild addiction. First ana-digi and I'm loooving it so far. Plus the second hand becoming a digital compass is...

100+° attic? no problem for a G7900

I think he feels at home near HVAC equipment in a hot attic 🥵

Any love for Aragon?

Aragon Divemaster 42 Seiko NH36