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Identify this Timex?

Hi Crunchers! Wondering if anyone can identify this Timex? Popped up on our local F.B. Marketplace ...

Watch Out! (pun intended)

If you're a frugal bastage like me, then you've probably perused the the classifieds for decent pre-owned and/or unique piece to add to your modest co...

Favorite Watch Ad

Am sure that many of you also enjoy wristwatch based advertising, particularly some of the more vintage ads. My fave is the Omega ad for the Speedmast...

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commented on This or that. Speedmaster or Chronomaster ·

Speedmaster ... it is after all, the original "Moonwatch"!

commented on Casio Navitimer ·

Love that watch! Gotta get me one! Have two "Edifi" in my collection and they're fabulous watches!

commented on What straps for the speedy ·

I did similar with my PD "Speedy"!

commented on What straps for the speedy ·

Great suggestion! ... I put a similar one on my "Speedy Homage" and it really "classed-up" the look! I love it!

commented on New (old) watch - Sinn 356 SA ·

that is an awesome looking Flieger!! The rally strap belongs on a "racing-style" chrono though ... a "pilot-style" leather or metal bracelet would suit your watch better IMHO 👍

commented on Mid Century Atomic Watches? ·

The Hamilton Ventura comes to mind for it's atomic/jet age aesthetics

commented on Bought a peculiar watch! ·


Am a guitar and bass player m'self ... that watch is AWESOME!

Would love for you to give more impressions and details (model no., etc.)!


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To my Dad

The pic is of the top my desktop PC here at the office. I keep a few knick-knacks there to "personalize" my little piece of cube-land 😀 The watch is...

"Speedmaster-esque" vs "Speedmaster-ish"

Speedmaster-esque vs Speedmaster-ish To many wristwatch aficionados, particularly those whose interests also include vintage aviation and the space pr...

Omega Speedmaster and Pagani Design "Speedy"

Work companions; my co-workers actual Omega Speedmaster and my "Speedmaster-esque" Pagani Design PD1701

My modest collection

My modest collection ... or at least most of it LOL! Not pic'd are two vintage Vostoks, a 14 yr old Timex Expedition and a recently acquired Expeditio...