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The beginning of the hobby

I would like to start a post about when you first started to have this love of watches. For me it was when my Aunt died and we were going through her...

Help. Out of my depth.

After our nice night in a hotel, my family met up with all my friends for a dinner together, 16 families in total and right there and then they all de...

Simple problems , simple solutions.

I had a shock this morning and wife informed me that we were going on yet another weekend getaway. After a few questions on what we were going to do a...

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commented on The beginning of the hobby

That's a greedy ass right there. Just buy new I suppose.

commented on The beginning of the hobby

Thanks for sharing. Also I've never seen Marshalls YouTube before, that's another channel to watch. Also I watch the Nekkid Watchmaker, he restores old vintage watches.

commented on The beginning of the hobby

Sorry, I got mixed up, maybe it was the Ukrainian flag that I remembered, anyway you could get one of those and your conscience would still be at ease.

commented on Swiss Diver

No worries. Always have a good look around before buying and good luck to you. I hope you great something youll have for a long time.

commented on Swiss Diver

Actually that's a good choice, it's a well made watch with a good amount of colour options.

If your heart is set on this one, I'd go with the grey gold, or black gold.

Plus for a cheaper price. I've included the glycine combat, Swiss brand and a left fielder, smiths commander.

commented on The beginning of the hobby

I know there is Wostok Europe and as I remember is a Ukrainian company. Don't quote me on it, but I think I'm correct.

commented on Yema Flygraph Flieger or Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer?

I'd go with the Hamilton, the dark grey dial and dull yellow numerals is a classy look.

That style can be worn all day and not look out of place, well, a black tie party is a stretch too far.

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Obscure fashion watches, does anyone else have a soft spot for any brands?

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