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Any New York neighborhoods to be cautious of with an Explorer II?

I think the answer is no (just keep situational awareness etc) but wanted to double check. Any neighborhoods to be more cautious of with an Explorer I...

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commented on Need Tudor black bay opinions and advice.

The Pelagos is a good bet if you like more toolish designs. It鈥檚 also slightly lighter because the case is titanium rather than stainless steel used in most models. Love my Pelagos FXD:


If you like more vintage-y and somewhat more blingy, then the Black Bay series (BB41/58/54) are great.

Good luck 馃憤

commented on What鈥檚 your favorite watch?

Mainly I track the accuracy of my watches through an app called WatchTracker, and it also shows how long I wear the watch.

commented on Love this!! So happy!!

Love the Pelagos (Pelagi?) 馃敟 Titanium makes wearing them so much more comfortable.

commented on Good start!!!

Kinda funny how our minds work. First thought after spilling coffee is a wrist shot to post on WC 馃槀

commented on Watch Dilemma

I鈥檇 go for whichever is avaible now. Explorer can come later as the opportunity presents itself 馃檶

commented on What鈥檚 your favorite watch?

FXD FTW 馃檶 Most worn at 42% of this year so far.


Shunbun is close behind at 31% 馃憡

commented on Tudor BbB54 Straps

Jubilee on the BB54/58 looks sharp 馃槏