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Then vs Now

Thought I post this to even keep it as a „bittersweet“ memory for myself in case I loose the Tissot Photo. So, there we go. The Tissot picture is from...

WRUW: Watch-Memes (or simply: funny content with watches)

I’ve just seen this post online and nearly lost it. So here it is. Which actually leads to a related question: How do you wear your watches? Tighter o...

The SOTC (that I'm quite happy with)

This is the current state of my humble collection. The one I’m quite happy with given what I’m willing to spend (or wait for) at the moment. There are...

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commented on Noob Question ·

Solution: Don't get a CHRONO if you can't stand a CHRONO-hand :D

commented on Omega Bracelet Issues ·

Short answer: Because it still sells. No need for R&D and spending money to develop a new one.

And you already know it: As soon as they get new bracelets, Omega is „not true to their heritage“ or some babbling like that. 🤷🏻‍♂️

commented on What is your grail watch’s biggest flaw? ·

For the price of that watch having no hacking seconds is not a flaw… it’s a travesty (same with some Pateks…)

commented on NWA - D1 Milano Sketch ·

Where did you get them? Japan?

They’re not available (yet) in Germany :/

commented on NWA San Martin S0138 ·

Absolutely floored by these things for the price.

I’ve just ordered a black SN0121 (i. e. the Tudor Monochrome)

The „Sub“ is really phenomenal running at +1s/d

commented on San Martin beats Rolex?! What? ·

I’ve just got a San Martin „Sub“, i. e. the SN017G-V3 and I’m simply amazed by the quality for the money.

Hands down miles ahead of any Seiko (Hardlex vs Sapphire, Aluminum vs Ceramic). I can’t speak for Rolex but one thing is certain: I can break and get countless SM‘s for the price difference of a retail Rolex and I take that every day of the week

commented on Tudor QC, again. ·

„check every watch in detail“

Could you please give me the log in credentials to that dreamworld of yours? 😅

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New thinnest watch

This is the new record holder. After the ultra-thin (and ultra-ugly and ultra-expensive) Richard Mille Ferrari something this one beats the record by...

Try On went to Wishlist

So… I tried on a crown. The one that actually speaks to me the most: 36 mm Datejust, Fluted Bezel, Jubilee Bracelet, Fluted-style blue dial. I was (an...


Hi guys. In the picture you see a G-SHOCK, known as THE watch to make it through hell and back. Well, that piece of s*#t supposedly didn’t make it thr...

„Ultra“ vs GS

I thought I‘d try it just for the shits and giggles. And shits and giggles there were. Geez, that „Ultra“ Apple Watch looks comically, well, stupid. I...

SOTC after another year „in the game“

There it is. The SOTC after another year. Yes, I’m sure I won’t get any other watches in the remaining days… The one „persistent“ one was, or is, the...


Yesterday was the day: I picked up my grail. The SBGA211. The watch itself needs no introduction or explanation. Y'all know it and I wanted it. Badly....