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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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Vintage Accuracy

I've been wearing my Seiko 6138-0017 for the past 7 days & in that time it's gained 10 seconds, so an average of 1.43 SPD. It was serviced 4 years...

My Uncle Seiko Strap Snapped On Me!

Went to my watchbox this morning to discover my Uncle Seiko waffle strap had snapped! It had been feeling stiff recently & broke near where the ho...

Posters On WatchCrunch Not Responding To Comments

Something that's been irritating me for a while now is people requesting advice or opinions & then not responding to them. A couple of days ago I...

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commented on Hodinkee Nivada Chronoking just arrived ·

Very nice 👍

commented on Danger Zone: Did I break my watch that badly? ·

You may be right, I just remembered this video from a few years back & thought it would be interesting & relevant

commented on Danger Zone: Did I break my watch that badly? ·

This video should be helpful in explaining what's probably happened


commented on Wardrobe Malfunction ·

This happened to me a month ago with an Uncle Seiko strap. You were lucky you weren't wearing it!

commented on Tudor QC 😳🤯 ·

It's amazing how something so small can generate so many comments!

commented on Tudor QC 😳🤯 ·

Couldn't agree more 👍

commented on My Dilemma ·

If it were me I'd get the Tudor. The Oris to me would have short term appeal only

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Two Very Cool New Seiko 5 Rally Divers

Haven't bought a new Seiko in years, but I might have to snag on one of these! https://www.fratellowatches.com/introducing-the-seiko-5-sports-rally-di...

Enjoying my Eterna 852 on a bright sunny afternoon!

I've been getting into vintage dress watches with patina recently & as I was making a cup of tea, happened to notice how nice my watch looked (wel...

Tissot Powermatic 80 Movement

Interesting video that came up in my YouTube feed that does a pretty good job of explaining how the Powermatic 80 differs from a ETA 2824-2 & how...

Vintage Bulova Accutron On The Antiques Roadshow

This just popped up on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow. Nice to see something on there that isn't an Omega or Rolex ;-)

Happy New Year All!

Wearing my latest vintage acquisition today, an Eterna Cal 852. I have a few vintage watches but this has the best patina! Wishing you all the best of...

Citizen Promaster 'Fugu' NY0158-09L Review

I've always had a soft spot for entry level Japanese dive watches since I first started collecting 7 years ago, so when I went into town to get my hai...

Citizen NY0158-09L

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