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Smooth or Fluted Bezel ?

I personally think there's no debate when it comes to the Datejust鈥攖he fluted bezel is by far the better choice. To me, it adds more dimension to the...

Buying a new watch is always a good idea.

We are rational ! If you find an inconsistency in this MEME, say so. I can't find any. Have a good day Watch Cruncher ! 馃嵒

Which one pls ?

Hi everyone ! Hi guys! I need your personal opinion: Which watch attracts you the most? Which watch has the highest perceived value? The answers can d...

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commented on Smooth or Fluted Bezel ?

I saw yours and it鈥檚 go great on your dj config

commented on Smooth or Fluted Bezel ?

I do love Zuck !He's someone who does big things and I really respect a guy for that. I'm not so into people who go around bashing these kinds of figures.

commented on Good Morning from the Mekong River!

Enjoy Laos ! I was in Vang Vieng one month ago, it was magic !

commented on Is Quartz movement shit ??

Shit no, its big shit

commented on Reverso: A Masterpiece of Art Deco Design

What did JLC rejected ?

commented on This watch in ONE word ?


commented on The Rolex Submariner's Hollywood Breakthrough

I do not agree ! Rolex is category king. When 99% of people on earth think about watch, they think about Rolex. And this is the result of history (all the things they did first) but also for the product. You can't be category king with a shitty product.

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What explains this phenomenon? 馃槀

I noticed


Hi guys ! Time to sort the connoisseurs from the pretenders. Here is a Rolex Datejust Silver and his Copy. Can you say which one is real for sure? I鈥檓...

I need you guys

Alright, listen up! Got this linen dial Rolex offer from a buddy, no papers (1960s), but trust me, it's the real deal. Thinking of snagging it for my...

True on WatchCrunch : Expectations Vs Reality 馃槀

In fact, both are true. I am new to this platform and I will be happy to read you here ! 馃