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Which one?

Which one should be next on the purchase list? All are automatic. The Mathey-Tissot watches are STP caliber movements and sizes are 42mm. The orient s...

SOTC 2024

Couple new additions and a citizen titanium pro master diver is missing as I am wearing it and forgot to put it in the shot. Looking to add one more....

New edition to the collection

Just picked this up to add to the collection. I have to say this is a very nice feeling watch and very smooth winding. Could not be happier. The box a...

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commented on William Wood Charity firefighter travel watch.

Just sent you direct message with info

commented on William Wood Charity firefighter travel watch.

Let me know if you are able and want to do that and I can get departments here involved in NY

commented on William Wood Charity firefighter travel watch.

This is really interesting and amazing. I worked many years as a career EMS provider and volunteer firefighter here in the US. I have family who are career firefighters as well. I might need to look into this to add one to the collection. I really like the idea of circulating it from firefighter to firefighter to auction off.

commented on Finished Upgrading my Orient Mako 2

That looks great!

commented on Which one?

Do you find it small? I have a wrist size between 7 1/2 to 8 inches by the wrist bone. My only concern with the orient is that it might be too small

commented on Which one?

I like that one too and have looked at it as I want to add that brand to my collection. Only thing to get it on Jomashop they are out of stock

commented on Matt84's WRUW

How you like the orient star? I am looking at getting one similar to this but it only has the power reserve indicator.

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Thoughts on this brand

I am looking at purchasing this Gv2 by Gevril, but can鈥檛 find much on them. I know Gevril is a great brand with rich history, which is what attracts m...

Is it bad to have more quartz than automatics in your watch collection?

172 votes

Blue or black?

Ok crunchers, need some help. Going to get a Pagani homage to the omega seamaster 300 to see how I like it before potentially pulling the trigger on a...

Mathey-Tissot GMT

First mathey-tissot. Was a great sale on Jomashop. Have to say I am really impressed. The bracelet of course is not going to be on par with a luxury b...

Yes or No on the Duro?

What is everyone鈥檚 take of this bracelet on the Casio Duro?