Two in the Roll, One on the Wrist - Episode IV: Berlin

New long trip, new episode of Two in the Roll, One on the Wrist. My travels take me back to Berlin, a city I lived in for 8 years of my life and that of course I’m very attached to. I’m currently spending time with good friends and eating and drinking a lot. As always, the environment and the activities I’m going to do take a huge importance in my watch decisions.

I don’t tend to wear my Casio A500 much in my daily life, but it is a true specialist of a watch and it suits this weekend in Berlin very well. I’m using it for the long long trip across the country and strapping it on in the evenings, when I know we will be drinking one too many beers. I mostly wear my Casios or my Vostok when drinking because I’m always afraid I’ll damage my nicer watches by banging them against something or even worse, getting them stolen.

The Tissot PRX is a true staple of this series, and a watch that will always find its moment under the sun, mostly at brunch time. Its automatic movement will sure get all wound up very easily during the long walks I like to take across the city with my friends.

The Seagull 1963 is slowly becoming another staple of this series, having appeared with great success in the Christmas Special episode. I’m not sure in which circumstances I’m going to be wearing it, but I’ll be pairing it with the brown leather shoes sneakers and brown leather belt I packed for these days. I’ll probably strap it on this evening, as we’re going out for a nice dinner.


Great choices. I especially like that you have a watch for when you plan to get mugged. Stay safe.


Nice, you got most occasions covered (except for swimming)


I like the 3 choices. I've been considering that Casio and the #seagull