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Sometimes the simplest watches have the most irresistible charm.

I stick to my daily rotation pretty rigorously during the weekly hustle and bustle, but lately I've been drawn to my vintage Seiko 7005-7030 during da...

Three Kings

I have a great many personal favorite references when it comes to Seiko, but if you pinned me down I think I'd have to confess that the original King...

Seiko Lord Matic Special 5216-8020. Vintage perfection.

Whenever this watch comes up in my rotation I inevitably find myself admiring that dial and distinctively faceted case at various points throughout th...

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commented on When Does a Watch Become โ€œToo Smallโ€ or โ€œToo bigโ€? ยท

Most of my collection consists of watches that are about 37-40mm, but I'll wear anything from 34mm in diameter all the way up to 46mm or so as long as I like it. It's a lot easier to go too big rather than too small and lug to lug distance only really matters if the tips noticeably overhang your wrist, imo.

Often times when I try on a watch I'll check my reflection in a mirror while standing at least a few feet back from it. That typically gives a much more reliable perspective of how a watch looks. Doing things that way, I've found that most watches that might seem a bit too small actually look totally fine, if not better than larger watches I've tried on.

commented on By my measure, you need to be pretty wealthy to afford this hobby ยท

Most of my own collection consists of watches that cost me around 150 to 400 USD with only a relative handful costing 1,000 dollars or more. That's what I can comfortably afford while still adding the occasional watch or two to my collection each year. I imagine most responsible people with the collector's sickness have collections that scale to their own budgets in a similar fashion.

It's not like everyone who gets into watches builds collections that consist entirely of expensive luxury brand items. Far from it. Just use your own common sense and don't worry about what other people are flaunting, whether they can actually afford it or not.

commented on Stepping into entry level luxury watches. ยท

I don't think that way at all. As a matter of fact, I was happy to spend thousands of dollars on my spring drive Seiko LX when I could have easily bought similarly priced watches from Tudor or Omega instead.

commented on Rolex? ยท

I think the Air King is cool and I wouldn't mind if one fell in my lap, but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy one even if I could afford it.

commented on โ€œIn Transit to Next Facilityโ€ ยท

USPS tracking can be really spotty sometimes. On more than one occasion, I've had a package pass through multiple facilities and travel vast distances before the tracking updates finally caught up with it.

commented on Stepping into entry level luxury watches. ยท

As much as I love the King Seiko name, the SPB King Seikos are overpriced for what they are if you ask me. You're better off going with a Swiss alternative in that price range if value for money is important to you.

I'd recommend getting a vintage King Seiko if you're heart is really set on one. The vintage market can be a minefield of its own though so I wouldn't blame you for not going that route.

commented on Three Kings ยท

I will some day! Just you wait and see! I'm holding out for a really nice one to come along.

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