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Lagm96 ·

Recomendations for a 40mm or less diver at around $500

Hey all! I'm looking for a diver that's 40mm or smaller up to $500 in price. Vintage aesthetics are prefered but not required. I absolutely love the l...
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GeeShock ·


After looking through my collection, think I'm pretty happy where it stands. Have my g shocks ( obviously)...wonder if I would wear them all on my wri...
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JaimeMadeira ·

New Omega Bond Watch for the 60th Anniversary

So, changing out some of the things people didn’t like about the NTTD, bringing back some nineties styling, and a lower price tag. What do people thin...
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Mistermac ·

Seiko SKX173

Hope to someday get the classic Seiko SKX007 but really love my SKX173. I actually think I prefer the small changes in the 173 over the 007.
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Bl00dPr3ssure ·

Looking For a New Dive Watch

Hello all, I'm looking at purchasing a new dive watch. I came across this the Prospex Shogun D - It's a fully titanium Shogun with the 6R35 movement....
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SurferJohn ·

Crepas Cayman 3000 Review

This is my first attempt at a review, requested by @Robcollects . You can look up the specs of the watch here:

La Compañía Relojera Especializada Para Actividades Subacuáticas Cayman 3000

4.0 Avg. Score
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CSal53 ·

New Squale Montauk

I’m absolutely floored at how good this new little diver is. I’ve been interested in Squale as a brand for quite some time, and recently came across t...
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Welshman ·

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph Review

A beefed up swiss dive watch thats also a chronograph. But is it any good ? Well here are my thoughts........... The seamaster planet ocean is essenti...

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph

4.8 Avg. Score
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southernwatch ·

Halloween watches?

What is your go to for spooky season? I think it's hard to beat a monster. IG: southern_watch
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SurferJohn ·

Tunafest - Let's see your TUNA!

This latest purchase lead me to evaluate the other tunas I already own. By quite a bit the new Arnie 40th is not the largest and it wears smaller than...
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