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Abdulxziz ·

1991 Tag Heuer Professional 2000

This is a tag heuer divers watch that I always wanted to own and I can finally say that I own one now. This is the WE1110-R reference
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feel_the_hit ·


Can anybody explain me the difference between dress watches, diver watches and field watches? New into watch collecting. Thanks in advance.
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JBsJourney ·

Diver Side of Collection

Almost half my collection has gravitated to divers. I didn’t plan it but kept finding watches I liked. The price difference has been wide but all are...
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Realwatchclub ·

Battle of the "Midsized" Divers!

What's your favourite mid-sized Divers Watches?
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Unholy ·

Adventure with your watch 🌏

Hello watchcrunch, long time no see. its been one week since i open this forum freely. reason is i got a chance to have a holiday to sumba island (ind...
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Kingsbury924 ·

First watch

Can I have your opinions on these watches? I am looking for my first watch for around £1,000. Tissot Seastar v CW C60 Elite 1000 v MIDO Ocean star v C...
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Candide3693 ·

Best Entry-Level Diver!

Wearing my Citizen Promaster Diver BN0150-28E today. This is my favorite Citizen watch, and the best entry-level diver's watch on the market in my opi...
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MiniRockJnr ·

Squale Saturday

New rubber for the Sqaule:)
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hawkrigger ·

All black NATO's

PVD hardware on black rib webbing my new favourite!
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andremelo ·


A few of my watches, Wenger, SKX009K2, Flightmaster, the King, GA-2000, GBX-100 ns Love them all What do you all think?
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