Tudor Black Bay 58 ...

Which one do you prefer? Blue vs Black 馃檮

Black, but it's close.聽

If you really have to, then blue, at least it looks less like a sub homage and it has a higher chance of surviving in the collection even when you will add higher-end pieces. If you already are at that point of collecting instead, and are consciously looking for a beater, fully aware of its limits but also of its perks, then go with the black and don't look back! 馃憤

Blue, very clear.

I don't like faultina, so the clean blue one is more my cup of tea :)

I purchased the black before the blue was available. If they had both been available when I bought, it would have been a flip of a coin, since I really like both of them.聽

The blue dial version is a bit more modern looking, but there is something about the black that really appeals to me. I'm not normally a fan of faux patina, but I think it works with the BB58.聽

Black for me. Just.

On a bracelet, the black gets my vote by a hair. That said, the blue BB on a blue/silver strap is one of my favorite watches.聽

I chose black. But it would just depend on what I currently have in the collection. They both look great.聽

Really hard choice.. I think I would go with black, but it鈥檚 a close one.聽

I really like both but (today) I would go with the blue. But, it's a win win ether way. 馃槑

You got two wrists so zero problems 馃槀聽

I personally love the black but I know the gilt dial is not for everyone!

Sucker for the blue馃槏

A thought: I bought a Seiko SPB239 62mas to scratch my BB 58 black dial and gilt vibe. It works. So, I think the black has many alternatives whereas the blue is somewhat more unique to Tudor. That being said, get what you love and for a true vintage submariner feel, the black dial does it for me.

I prefer blue. It looks clean and sporty.

I like the black - classic and versatile look.

Black, the gold tones give it warmth that I like.

I think safe choice would be black, so i go for blue馃ぃ