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馃寑Black Bay Fifty Eight 馃寑

Tudor Black Bay 58
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Which to keep? Decision time!

Hi folks, I hope you鈥檙e all keeping well and enjoying your favourite watches. I鈥檇 appreciate your discerning opinion on a decision I鈥檓 mulling over. A...
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Black Bay 58 vs Blue Bay 58

Let's see how the Crunchers feel about this! If you had to pick one for yourself... Which one would it be?
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Poll: How Many Wristwatches Do You Have/1WC

I鈥檓 curious. Whether or not you鈥檙e in the current 1 Watch Challenge I want to know how many watches you have, and how hard the 1 Watch Challenge has/w...
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Couples who Tudor together, stay together

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Forstner Model J

Definitely recommend this bracelet for the Bb58 or the GMT
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Is your BB58 a tool watch?

Do many of yall wear your BB58 for pretty much everything. For me I see it as a watch that is made to be worn almost all occasions. I don't worry to m...
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NATO Strap Suggestions?

Best NATOs you guys can recommend? I鈥檓 not looking for budget options particularly, I鈥檇 like to get a couple really nice quality ones. Need a couple s...
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Just another BB58 question

Upon checking my bb58鈥檚 COSC spec in February, it was still running on the dot ie -1 every third day, fantastic. Cue today, its still within spec, but...
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Best Three Watch Collection? [Selling a lot of medium pieces to get a good one]

Hi guys! Thus is my first post! Was thinking about my collection the other day and needed some friends to talk through it. I have like 7 watches and t...
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