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Review: Glycine Combat 6 Vintage 43

Read the full review here: In this review, we turn our focus to the newer iteration of a s...

Glycine GL0459

4.2 Avg. Score

I am become Modder!

Some time ago, I discovered why I wasn't wearing my Seiko SNXS79 so often. The case back was just way too tall. The watch hovered above the wrist. Rec...

NWA: 1951 Tissot

Today, before work, I rushed to the post office to pick up a parcel with a birthday gift from a good friend of mine, a fellow WIS. Inside was...this b...

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commented on Guess my birth year


commented on My Divine Size Comparison guide: Rectangular vs Circular vs Tourneau

A barrel-ish shape is called tonneau, not tourneau.

commented on MrBloke's WRUW

It's a 1951 Tissot bumper automatic

commented on Review: Glycine Combat 6 Vintage 43


I don't think I've seen the Combat 6 ever made with a dial exactly like in this one, but in 36mm. The Combat 6 still is available in 36mm alright, but it's tha Combat Classic with a sunray-finish dial, polished steel baton hands and straight hour markers.

commented on NATO straps in formal situations, yay or nay?

I bought that one from EspritNATO/Select'Heure, since they were among the very few webshops that had standard NATOs for the Spirit's odd lug width of 21mm

commented on What would you wear on a first date ?

I tend to go for one of my vintage favourites. The kind that has character, but doesn't scream "money!"

Not that I have any wealth to display, but yet I avoid ones that'd be too bold. I mean, if she falls for a watch, she'll fall for the next guy with a more pricey and prestigious one. There's always a bigger fish.

My Wittnauer aka "Pretty Witty" is a solid choice for me. It's a - by modern standards - diminutive piece at 32mm. However, it's crisp, beautifully preserved, has a lot of character and doesn't look like a blingy "sausage enlargement" kind of accessory.


Or I go for one of these two:


Just some elegant simplicity.

commented on Bulova Lovers. Where Are You?

I suppose there's a distinction to be made between vintage and modern Bulova fans. I'm yet to find a good vintage Bulova. I wouldn't buy a modern one, though. Each and every reissue by them has something that's a deal-breaker to me. The ones that don't are priced through the roof for what they are. Their modern designs aren't for me, either - either horrible or just confused.

That said, my hunt for a good vintage Art Deco tank or tonneau by Bulova continues.

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