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Review: Citizen CB0190-84E

Read the full review here: https://wahawatches.com/review-citizen-cb0190-84e/ In 2020, Citizen celebrated half a century of their development of titan...
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MrBloke ·

Buyer beware! When your work is misused

Recently, I was sent a link to an Instagram post that referenced one of my earliest articles at WahaWatches... https://www.instagram.com/p/Ci3Gk_eLV4c...
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A Wittnauer Oddity

The newest addition to my collection has just arrived! Traded two other pieces from my collection for it, but it was a good trade. The new kid on the...
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MrBloke commented on Watches from each decade - Share your watches Part 6: The 60s ·

ca.1960 Seamaster Calendar:

MrBloke commented on Watches from each decade - Share your watches Part 6: The 60s ·

Puzzling one. Balance cock design looks like a Fabrique d'Ebauches Fleurier (FEF) design. But the rest of it looks like something by Peseux. I'd need to do more digging, I couldn't find an exact match so far.

MrBloke commented on Fun but not fun Post - Post Apocalyptic World ·

Hmmm. Would have to be a solar-powered digital G-Shock. My pick would probably be the GX56BB or GMW5610. It's really about the same criteria as with modern milwatches, which...surprise, surprise, are mostly G-Shocks or Suunto. 

MrBloke commented on Watches from each decade - Share your watches Part 5: The 50s ·

Alpina bumper auto in a Taubert case:


1952 Eterna






1950 Doxa

MrBloke commented on Low-End Mechanical vs. High-End Quartz? ·

Neither. I'd get a Certina COSC-certified quartz - though even a Precidrive one would do - and call it a day.

MrBloke commented on New X-33 Thoughts and Opinions ·

5900 CHF for an ana-digi wonder. Hell, no.

MrBloke commented on Your opinion on the Day-Date complication ·

I guess for me it all depends on whether a particular design gets along with the complication or not. I generally prefer no-date or date-only, but a well-designed day-date is fine by me.

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Borgel and Taubert: What’s the Difference?

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Glycine Combat Sub 39 GL0401

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Just In: 1940s Alpina "Pontife"

Recently, I've made a trade - I had a 1952 Longines I didn't really wear, and I traded it to a fellow collector for this: It's a 1940s Alpina in stain...
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MrBloke ·

Another vintage Omega...

My recent trade became a purchase, due to DHL having robbed the parcel I've sent. Well, at least the watch for me arrived safe and sound, and here it...
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Watches stolen by DHL

Recently, I made a trade with a fellow WIS. Shipped two watches - a 1948 Eterna bumper auto and a ca.1976 Certina Club 2000 to Germany from Poland, vi...
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MrBloke ·

Tales of Watch Retail 1

Prompted by @Omeganut 's thread about bad experience with ADs, I thought it'd be good to bring you all some perspective of what it's like to be the gu...
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MrBloke ·

Longines Spirit on NATO

Bought two 21mm NATO straps from Esprit Nato, for the Longines Spirit. Went for a RAF/Fleet Air Arm/Bond inspiration, and I think it suits the watch j...
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