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dominik ·

What do you think?

I recently bought a drawing of my Rolex DJ41 on Etsy and I absolutely Love it. Do you also like „watch art“? And if you have watch related art show it...
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dominik ·

Happy Weekend Watchcrunch Fam

I just love my Hamilton Khaki Automatic. Such a great everyday watch.
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dominik ·

Zeppelin - On of my first watches.

Today I am wearing my Zeppelin „LZ 126 Los Angeles“. Zeppelin is a German watch brand and it was one of the first watches that I bought. What are you...
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Recent Comments

dominik commented on Who else loves Tudor?😍 ·

I love Tudor! Such amazing watches. 
congrats to your BB58

dominik commented on Groomsman on duty ·

I‘m going to get married this September and of course there is one watch in my collection that is perfect for that day. My DJ41

dominik commented on Congrats to FARER | Win this watch! ·

Great video and great watch! 

dominik commented on A glorious #SpeedyTuesday ·

That is one of the most stunning looking watches from Omega! 😍

dominik commented on My 30th Birthday present ... in 13 Month ·

Congrats! What a amazing watch that will definitely will be worth the wait. 👌

dominik commented on If you could only own 1 watch for the rest of your life, what would it be? ·

My Datejust 41. Has always been my dream watch and I was able to get one. 

dominik commented on Is your BB58 a tool watch? ·

I should really stay off of watchcrunch because seeing the #tudor BB58 almost every day makes me want to buy one myself even more 😂

Congrats to you owning this amazing watch! 🙌

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dominik ·

My choice for today.

Today is my birthday so for me it was a no brainer to wear my favorite watch. My Rolex Datejust 41.
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dominik ·


I am just in love with my BB41. What are you wearing today WatchCrunch Fam?
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dominik ·

Do Box and Papers matter to you?

I was wondering if you care about having the original box and papers when you buy a watch?
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dominik ·

Watch of the day.

I have my Tudor Black Bay 41 since a month now and I am absolutely in love with it.
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dominik ·

Does anyone know this watch?

I am wondering what watch this is. The watch is always worn by a famous Podcaster/ author from Germany (Tommi Schmitt) and I have no idea wich watch i...
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dominik ·

Favourite watch to wear on special days?

Since it is my fiancé’s birthday today I was wondering what is your GO TO watch to wear when you go out on a special day?
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dominik ·

Bought this Tudor BB41 on vacation in Zagreb yesterday. Thoughts on this watch?

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