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Rolex for my wife

So this month my wife and I have our 10 year anniversary and I bought her a Vintage Rolex Air King in 34mm. Or should I keep it to myself 馃槀 just kidd...

My top 3 watches.

These are my favorite watches and I will probably never sell them. Rolex Datejust - my first luxury watch and dream watch for years. Also the one I wo...

I accidentally bought a Omega today 馃槄

So today I was at a watch fair just to look around a little bit and ended up buying a Omega Speedmaster Reduced. I swear I just wanted to have a look...

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commented on New watch. Black Bay 54

Great choise 馃

commented on Finally Got the Call For My Father's Birthday Gift

What a story and what a nice Birthday present! Great choice 馃檶

All the best to you and your Dad!

commented on My First Rolex

Congrats on your first Rolex and Merry Christmas!


commented on SOTC 2023/24

What a nice collection 馃樀馃槏

commented on Rhodium dial anyone?

Love my DJ41 with the rhodium dial. 馃┒

commented on Got the call, 126610LN!

Congrats 馃

commented on Impulse Buy in Vegas

Congrats 馃檶

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What do you think?

Do you think that Tudor will be releasing new colorways of the BB58 in the next few years? And if so, wich ones do you think they will release?

Datejust 41 Green dial

Picked up my DJ41 today 馃槏

How long do you really have to wait?

After just 4 months I got the call to pick up the new Datejust with Mint Green dial. Very happy and excited! Since I only had to wait 4 months and for...

What do you think?

I recently bought a drawing of my Rolex DJ41 on Etsy and I absolutely Love it. Do you also like 鈥瀢atch art鈥? And if you have watch related art show it...

Happy Weekend Watchcrunch Fam

I just love my Hamilton Khaki Automatic. Such a great everyday watch.

Zeppelin - On of my first watches.

Today I am wearing my Zeppelin 鈥濴Z 126 Los Angeles鈥. Zeppelin is a German watch brand and it was one of the first watches that I bought.聽 聽 What are y...