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Hypothetical all Titanium Collection?

Some people love titanium. Some people think lightness=cheap. If there is a material that can make my watches lighter without making them less durable...

SOTC after a year without a watch purchase!

This is a state of the collection, end of year wrap up, and ramble about what I want to do in 2024. So buckle in as I like to ramble. The last time I...

Should I sell my Speedmaster for a Grand Seiko?

So background, here is my current collection and long term plans for my collection: Rolex Explorer 36mm (long term keeper) Cartier Santos Medium (long term keeper) Ginault Ocean Rover (long term keepe...
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commented on What鈥檚 your next 3 watches?

I鈥檝e slowed down my purchasing to about 1 watch per year now. I am really determined for my next two to be a ETA powered Pelagos (or possibly a Pelagos 39, I keep going back and forth) and a Doxa Sub 300 Carbon. That鈥檒l get me through 2026 so not sure about a third haha

commented on Is it watch and wonders time?

I find it interesting that they introduced a solid gold BB58 on bracelet for $32k but didn鈥檛 make that METAS certified. Either way the BB58 GMT seemed to be the only thing I鈥檓 super interested in. I think I鈥檒l wait until they give it the 5 link and possibly the S&G treatment. My biggest letdown was no update for the Pelagos line. I was hoping for a master chronometer Pelagos

commented on Which strap are you wearing on a daily basis?

For me it is a good mix, but probably in order 1) Nick Mankey hook straps 2) OEM bracelet 3) natos 4) leather 5) rubber

commented on What will Tudor release?

I鈥檓 hoping for an update to the Pelagos 42 since it hasn鈥檛 been touched since 2015. Metas, thin it down a touch, make the clasp titanium, keep it matte with the indexes cut into the rehaut

commented on What's that one watch?

If I won the lottery I鈥檇 probably buy a VC222. Short of winning the lottery I certainly won鈥檛. A lot of other places I鈥檇 spend $70k. Right now I am saving for a 2-liner (eta powered) Pelagos that I鈥檓 hoping to pick up next year

commented on Doxa release sea emerald 39mm

Looks great, although I think I鈥檇 still go for the sub300. The reduced thickness is a great improvement, but I just love the domed crystal of the sub300 and it wears much smaller than 42mm

commented on Visiting another Rolex museum in San Antonio Tx.

I played the game to get my Explorer, and I absolutely love it, but I don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l be going through it again. Lots of other great watches that can be bought with a better customer experience

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Buying a strap for a watch I don鈥檛 own?

I am planning on picking up a Tudor Pelagos FXD next year for my 30th birthday. My favorite watch strap maker Nick Mankey launched his limited edition...

Doxa Carbon: Orange or Yellow?

I went into my local Watches of Switzerland last week to look at a Pelagos, and found out they were also a Doxa dealer (quite the rarity in the US, only 9 dealers total). I tried on both the sub 300 a...
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Watches you have had for 2+ years - inspired by Random Rob

Random Rob released a video today talking about watches he has had for at least 2 years. I figured that would be an interesting discussion topic. So t...

Which Blue Pelagos should I get?

For my next watch I really want a blue pelagos to round out my 4 watch core with my Explorer, Speedy, and Santos. The problem is, which blue Pelagos to get? Option 1: the original thick boy Pelagos in...
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Is the 42mm Pelagos next to get METAS?

I am looking to buy a Tudor pelagos probably next year for my 30th birthday. As such I am very interested in the trajectory of the pelagos in the shor...