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Sapphire crystal scratch

So my heart broke today when I saw I scratched the crystal of my Tudor BB58. Its a very small scratch and not very deep (Can’t even feel it), but in t...
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Threw the BB58 on a Cheapestnatostraps single pass nato today
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SolarBeat Tank

Was wondering if anyone knows when this will actually be available? Was supposed to be September…
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everydayinterests commented on Have you every changed your mind about owning a "HYPE" watch? ·

It was the Tudor BB58 for me…Everyone loved it and owned it and I didn’t wanna be just another guy with one…Then I tried it on just for kicks and it replaced the GS SBGN003 on my next to buy list. I’ve owned it for a number of months now and love it!

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Send em off to new homes where a new owner will enjoy them!

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Beautiful! My first luxury watch is my GS Snowflake. The aqua terra was in the running though!

everydayinterests commented on What’s your 2022 watch-goal?🤔 ·

Not sure if there will be anything new this year, gotta save my pennies! eventually though, would love to add a speedmaster pro, grand Seiko SBGN003 GMT and a Seiko turtle (save the ocean edition)

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Blaaaaaaack. The warmth it gives off with the gilt hands 👌🏻

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@foghorn @davidlopez55 you wouldn’t believe it…Called my AD today and he said scratches are inevitable and to live with it as it’s $450 just for a service (not including replacement sapphire)…So I agreed and put the watch on to wear today. Minutes ago, I look down at my watch and the mark moved! So it turns out it’s just something floating around inside the dial! So I called the AD back and I’ll be giving it to them to send off to TUDOR to be fixed under warranty 👌🏻

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Grand Seiko Snowflake

I love how this watch has become more of a strap monster than I had ever imagined it could be.
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