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6.50” / 16.50 cm Wrist
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Opinion on modern integrated watches?

Is the trend about integrated watches still ongoing? Do you like more the new designs or the ones with historical references? I am since approx. a yea...

Watch Brand Launch Löbner at Bucherer Berlin

Yesterday a new watch brand was launched at Bucherer in Berlin. The brand is exclusively available at Bucherer boutiques around the world for around 1...

Which strap on Eye of Sauron?

I am wearing my Glashütte Original Sixties 2019 edition since 2 years on a Cordovan strap, I thought a plain strap suits the exciting dial better. The original brown is to extraordinary for me. Now I...
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Pascal commented on Pascal's WRUW ·

Ah okay XD

It was a green tea!

Pascal commented on Pascal's WRUW ·

Haha, no it is mine since May this year.

It is in a German railway lounge and not at an AD ;)

Pascal commented on Pascal's WRUW ·

Hehe Sun is also a good analogy, it is often referred as the eye of sauron

Pascal commented on Can You Tell the Time with Single-Hand or No Index Watches? ·

I love my indexless Cartier. Besides the awesome design, you don’t stress yourself about accuracy.

With my Tank I have an estimate of time ;)

Pascal commented on Opinion on modern integrated watches? ·

Right, with an integrated bracelet you can only wear it as the creator wanted you to wear it and as everyone else.

The easy individualization by strap changing is not given.

Pascal commented on Opinion on modern integrated watches? ·

Well… tastes are different!

Btw: interesting choice of profile name from a German perspective ^^

Pascal commented on Opinion on modern integrated watches? ·

Awesome collection!

The Streamliner smoked salmon would fit nicely with the Tonda and the Antarctique. :)

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Tudor did it right!

I am in love, how about you?

Extraordinary from the 70s

I got this watch from the heritage of my Grandpa. It is a Dugena digital automatic from the 70s. Dugena was once the German subsidiary of Alpina but d...

First Time GMT this year!

First vacation this year, first time using the GMT function. Home time: Berlin Local time: New York City How about you?

New Rolex 2022 at AD

Finally, 1.5 month after W&W the new steel kids in town arrived at my AD. GMT-Master II: it’s strange XD but I would assume that you will get used...

An afternoon at the new Grand Seiko AD in town!

Berlin had a big lack: no Grand Seiko AD in town. GS is in general hard to get in Germany however here in the east it was almost impossible. So I took...