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7.75” / 19.69 cm Wrist
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Watch maintenance video

Definitely reinforces how I have always felt about the subject. My timegrapher has saved me a lot of money in maintenance and in screening out poor pe...

Speedy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Steinhart OLKO Edition Availability

Got this today- Good luck!

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commented on Rolex GMT ·

After forty years, I think you might be right...

commented on Update and new Renders! My GMT project ·

Since you asked...

As a GMT fan, I think your GMT hand needs a design change to distinguish it from the hour hand. They just look too similar. Perhaps fully skeletonizing it would work.

It's an otherwise intriguing design.

commented on Rolex "Gimp" Chronograph ·

And they did...

commented on My Last Tudor ·

Four minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

Tudor is obviously not marketing watches to my demo...

commented on Gravitational time dilation…science! ·

Marc just did a video on this-

commented on Vostok "driver's watch" ·

That will look great while you're driving your Lada... 😉

commented on The Most Iconic Watch? ·

Not even close- The Rolex Submariner.

Maybe not on a watch specific forum, but if you include the 99.9% of the population that aren't watch enthusiasts the Sub is by far the most iconic.

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Won the lottery today!

Well, a little lottery anyway... I've wanted to try Steinhart for a while as they have a good reputation for what they are, so I decided that the Ocea...

Costco Deal

Not sure a better deal exists on a 200m Swiss made 42mm Diver with a SW200/ETA2824 movement and a sapphire crystal. I really don't need a watch in thi...

Ritche Sailcloth Strap

I've wanted a strap for my CW C63 Sealander GMT since I bought it on the bracelet and regretted not ordering the black and orange strap with it. I end...

How durable is a mechanical watch?

This has come up a couple of times before. Mark from Long Island watch did a short video where a guy torture tests an Islander-

Webb C. Ball meets Steve McQueen?

Just noticed this new Ball Engineer III Outlier GMT. A bit of a 1655 homage, don't you think?  Unlike most of the Ball catalog, I actually like it.

Is Christopher Ward Transitioning?

So, is Christopher Ward eventually transitioning to their twin flag logo on all of their watches? It's not like they haven't changed before, and I'm n...