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Webb C. Ball meets Steve McQueen?

Just noticed this new Ball Engineer III Outlier GMT. A bit of a 1655 homage, don't you think? Unlike most of the Ball catalog, I actually like it.
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Is Christopher Ward Transitioning?

So, is Christopher Ward eventually transitioning to their twin flag logo on all of their watches? It's not like they haven't changed before, and I'm n...
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VAER D7 Arctic Swiss Diver

Anyone have any VAER experience? I'm looking at buying a D7 Arctic Swiss Diver.
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MASP7GMT commented on Should I intentionally magnetize my watch ·

I hope that was meant as a joke...

With potentially 17 years without a service, -10 spd doesn't surprise me. If you don't know the service history but have access to a timegrapher, the amplitude may very well be low if it hasn't been serviced. 

MASP7GMT commented on Rolex GMT 1675 Pepsi, what is your favorite 1675 GMT variation? ·

My favorite variation is the 16750. A 4hz movement vs the 2.75Hz of the 1675, a quick set date and double the water resistance at 100m.

Basically the same watch, just improved and easier to live with!

MASP7GMT commented on Ball Fireman Nightbreaker review ·

My favorite Ball (watch), although I'm not sure about the non-tapered bracelet with that clasp.

MASP7GMT commented on Has the moonswatch peaked ·

I'm getting my new MoonSwatch right after I stop and get a 12 pack of New Coke. 

MASP7GMT commented on Blizzard Watches!? ·

Got our first dusting of snow this morning. I'm already over it...

MASP7GMT commented on Buying mistake ·

Damn, who would have ever thought someone would fake a Chinese watch?

MASP7GMT commented on Stranded on a desert island… ·

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Oris Divers Sixty-Five Heritage

Loved this watch since the first time I saw it, and finally pulled the trigger. Couldn't be happier. The retro design wears much slimmer than a lot of...
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