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Hamza1 ·

Only ONE!

If you had to wear one watch for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why? For me it would be the Tudor Black bay 58 with a strap
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mjosamannen ·

What are we doing here?

I probably started with watches as part of my journey to acquire some basic tools, skills and habits that would (hopefully) make me a more reliable pe...
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Jdmjoe ·

NWA Tudor Black Bay Pro

My first Tudor joined the collection yesterday. I've been excited for this as it's my first GMT and feel it will pair nicely with my Speedy and Seamas...
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mjosamannen ·

Hypothetically speaking 🤞

I'm not considering this seriously. Seriously 😉 HOWEVER!! Could this be a one watch collection? A dark brown distressed leather strap for suits and nice occasions and a Nato-or Marine Nationale strap...
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mjosamannen ·

This is the The End ⛔

Here is my Collection: Seiko Marine Master 300m, SBBN035 aka "The Ninja Tuna". Wonderful over engineered toolwatch and a stunning double domes crystal...
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watch.this.feed ·

Should I sell my Tudor BB GMT to buy a Rolex Explorer?

I called a Rolex AD today to ask if they could put me on a waiting list to get an Explorer and, as a matter of surprise, the told me that, if I wanted, I could go and pick it up tomorrow. I missed the...
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mjosamannen ·

Trouble in Paradise 🌴

Help? My BB36 is acting up 😩 The last times I've set it it has been on and off with the hacking. Meaning that sometimes the second hand keeps sweeping...
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zachweiss ·

Still enjoying the heck out of this one

I really don’t care that it’s thick. It’s gorgeous.
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MikeOchoa02 ·

Got the Call for the BB Pro today!

What's is yalls thought on the Black Bay Pro. What do you think about the price and if it has good vaule for 4000 usd. Is it really a tool watch? Let...
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mjosamannen ·

On-The-Fly adjustable clasps?

Anybody got any good sources for these kinds of rachet-/slide-/quick adjust clasps? I'm aware of those at Strapcode and Long Island Watches, and I wou...
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