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Do you spend more time looking at photos and videos of your watch than actually looking at your watch?

I realized one time that I was looking at responses to the WRUW post and found myself zooming in on the picture to look at a detail before I realized I was actually wearing the watch in question. Is t...
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Formex Essence 39 vs Christopher Ward 12

When I think about my two most comfortable and wearable watches on bracelet it is a toss up between my Essence and my 12. Both are feather light and p...

Can they strap? Worn&Wound - Boldr collabs. Are they too colorful to get maximum value from your strap collection?

I rarely do whim purchases but I've really enjoyed these collaborations with Worn&Wound and Boldr SupplyCo. The Worn&Wound ADPT branded titani...

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commented on Syme17's WRUW

So waiting for mine! Got the shipping notice.

commented on alexmnh's WRUW

Even the cat is blown away

commented on Fieldwalker's WRUW


commented on CTReese's WRUW

It surprised me as well. At first I thought it was a bit too brutal but when I could inspect details, especially closer around the brushing, it had a very refined sensibility. I see the 1950s, 1990s, and 2000s in the piece. Kind of timeless?

commented on CTReese's WRUW

Oddly, I kinda get the No Time To Die Seamaster vibe from that color a bit.

commented on CTReese's WRUW

So far I'm nonplussed. My WatchGecko are pretty much on par. The cloth one watch carry bags they come in are cool and clearly Adrian had a quality product. I think the colors are the right tone too. They work better for me, on my 6.25 inch wrist when the watch is bigger than 36mm since I need a bit of bulk and lug to lug to catch the excess for the way I like to wear a NATO.

commented on Formex Essence 39 vs Christopher Ward 12

Yes and the Air King is comfy but has more heft. The Formex has the floating system and the bracelet is basically half links. The C.W. is light and comfortable.

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Going to the field? You got options.

I love field watches and find myself pulled toward them. I take them to work, the field, surfing, and skiing. Should I add the Alpinist GMT?

Announcement of Digital Watch Vault: Pro & Con

I think that Paul Thorpe has communicated an interesting assessment of how (a) certain brand leader may have eliminated tracking of stolen watches in...

Newish YouTube Channel: Watchbox Diaries

This channel is almost 2 years old but showed up on my feed. Shout out to Watch Box Diaries. Not bad videos and the definition quality on the shots is...

Two watches I can't take off: Vertex & Nivada Grenchen

At some point I'm going to do a full review of both of these watches, the Vertex M100A and the Nivada Grenchen Super Antarctic 3.6.9. The resurrection...

New YouTuber, NextOnTheWrist on Islander watches

New creator on YouTube, NextOnTheWrist. 12 subs as of this view. However, nice discussion for new watch lovers on why Islander is a great purchase (an...

New Year's watch: Vertex M-100A

Now that Vetex is finally in stock, the long wait (and savings) is over. The lume block numerals are amazing. I've been on this watch since Russell (...