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Bulova's incredible history

If you have not seen TGV's recent YouTube video about the Bulova Museum in the Empire State Building, it is definitely worth watching. I must admit I...
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Spring Break

Walking to the beach with my son on Spring Break. Ready to make sand castles with my SKX.
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Share your watch memes

I just couldn't resist... What watch memes make you laugh?
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AngryArchitect27 commented on Would you swap a Rolex AirKing with a Zenith El Primero Chronomast Sport? ·

If it were up to me, I think I would go with the Zenith.  I would think that having a nice chronograph would help round out the collection.

AngryArchitect27 commented on Just wearing my son’s watch ·

Congrats on a healthy baby boy!

AngryArchitect27 commented on Next Purchase? (12K-20K USD) ·

I would go with the JLC in Gold.  can never go wrong with gold.

AngryArchitect27 commented on Blacked-out Watches. What are your favorites? ·

I used to own this Zenith Ceramic Black Defy, but I traded it in.  It was a great watch and very precise, but very difficult to read the time.  I used the proceeds to help by a Cartier Santos Blue!

AngryArchitect27 commented on Would you swap a Rolex AirKing with a Zenith El Primero Chronomast Sport? ·

how does both watch watches fit in with the rest of your collection?

AngryArchitect27 commented on Receiving messages ·

Interstellar Meme - YouTube

"...c'mon Tars!...

AngryArchitect27 commented on Jack Forster moves from Hodinkee to Watchbox ·

Jack is a Jedi Master, he sits on the council.

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The only watch you need...

My little guy is rocking his Swatch Flik Flak Dinosaur watch today. This GADA watch pairs well with his casual and formal attire and easily slips bene...
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My Mojo Watch

My Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph is my cheapest watch, and it is my most valuable watch. This watch belonged to my father who passed away almost nine...
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Friday Happy Hour

Barely survived another week. Celebrating with a glass of wine and my Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe. I absolutely love the dial and the movement...
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Slow start to the day...

Starting the day with coffee and my Zelos Mako v2. I know bronze can be polarizing, but I think it can look good depending on how it is used. I think...
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Friday Happy Hour!

It is just past 5:00pm on Friday, cheers! I survived another week, time to celebrate with my Panerai Luminor GMT and a beer. Lately I keep going for t...
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Please take a look at Jenni's video about collecting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FATpDmKEXD0 Check out this video by Jenni Elle released today. Very insightful presentation about perceived authentici...
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Decisions, decisions...

Have you ever woke up, decided you are going to switch up the look of one of your watches but don't know what strap to reach for? I hope to attain cla...
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