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I'm at Heathrow with some time to kill so I popped in to Watches Of Switzerland. Because that's what we do... Anyways, my Bel Canto went down a storm....

"Who you callin scruffy lookin?!?"

Happy Star Wars Day!


My boy's nose looks like the JLC logo! I now need a JLC! DAMMIT!

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commented on My first Omega: the Seamaster Railmaster

Welcome to The Rail Club! This watch will never be anything other than a stone cold classic! Good move!

commented on NWA - D1 Milano Sketch

Great pics by the way...

commented on NWA - D1 Milano Sketch

I've got the white version. Really fun piece.

commented on NWA - D1 Milano Sketch

What's the GShock version?

commented on WatchCharter's WRUW

The best bit is how they managed to infuse the LCD with pure gold also! Pure class!

commented on WatchCharter's WRUW

I think you know it's time is limited with you mate.

commented on Crunchers Assemble!

OK my beauties! Please pop over to the below link here at Watchcrunch and leave any emoji reaction to the main post at the top to push our amazing Star Trek team over the line FOR THE WIN! ENGAGE!

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D1 Milano have just put up pre-orders for their next production run of their Sketch. Once allocation has been reached pre-order will stop. If you fanc...

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This is a fantastically entertaining presentation with Professor Brian Cox on stage for the IWC Portugieser Eternal Calendar.

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This is a fun little thing. It's such an odd optical illusion when you see it in real life. It looks so 2d but in 3d! It's made of polycarbonate which...

Rado Captain Cook Bronze

...or when bling isn't bling but weirdly understated. I know! I really thought this watch would be way too blingy for me but there's something about i...