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Germany / Belgium / Luxembourg
7.01” / 17.80 cm Wrist
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NWA - IWC Big Pilot - Any more enthusiasts?

Having the IWC Mark XVIII Petit Prince as 1 of my absolute favorite watches, with that fantastic blue dial combined with that great comfortable bracel...

At the office - Datejust & more important time device

Me at the office yesterday. Admiring my beautiful datejust, but more importantly, in the background a countdown device my wife gave me about a year ag...

Rolex / IWC - lust, search, buy, wear, compare..and...goodbye

I had my eye on the Rolex OP 41 in blue for a while. I also have the OP 39 in white which I love and wear very often, for me the OP is just a very bea...

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commented on Do You Match Your Watch With Your Clothing? ·

Off course not, the watch needs to pop a little for me, it's a small accessory... Just like a pocket square, it needs to stand out from the rest

commented on It's Friday night and my watch is thirsty ·

Lucky you, here it is still Friday morning 😁

commented on Rolex explorer 2 226570 ·

Oh wow, still that expensive over there... the black one is even under MSRP here since a while

commented on Rolex explorer 2 226570 ·

On the grey and used market they are close to MSRP now, at least here in Europe (Germany), around only 500 € above MSRP.... I have even seen some for sale at MSRP price, unworn.... so you might check that out instead of playing the waiting game at the AD

commented on Nivada Grenchen ·

It's NIvada, NEvada is a state in the US...

commented on Has anyone come across Strond Watches, if so what do you think? ·

I could never ever wear that... Dutch being my mother tongue.... It's s only 1 letter of but the pronunciation is exactly the same.... Stront vs strond... means in Dutch... Shit

commented on Changed Watches for Gym ·

Home gym, no watch but a good old wall clock

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Looking for an aftermarket Beads of Rice bracelet

Can anyone recommend me a good seller in Europe (preferably in the EU, but UK is fine as well) for a good quality Beads of Rice bracelet ? Thx, Cheers

Rolex Spring bar reference number quest

Does anyone know where, a website, I can find Rolex spring bar reference numbers? More specifically, I am looking for the spring bar reference number...

Rattling End links - no more

Since yesterday evening I have this beautiful Datejust 16234 white roman dial from the year 2002. However, putting it on I noted that the bracelet rat...

Datejust - good legible dial - what to choose ?

I own for several years a vintage Datejust, a 16030, from 1984, picture below. Although I really love it I am gonna sell it because, needing more and...

Paying a premium for a Rolex.....why not?

Something I read so often in various forums or here in the comments : I love and want Rolex model X but I don't play the waiting list game and so inst...

What colour NATO for blue Omega Seamaster 300 SMP ?

Hello, I´ve worn my blue SMP 300 until now on the original bracelet and on a mesh bracelet. To get a new look I am thinking about a NATO now....but I...