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new pencils

Nomos Merch

Omega Speedmaster BLACK FABRIC STRAP

Is this strap worth the price? Actually I have a cheap alternative, but it's not only very stiff, it just doesn't feel good on the wrist.

Speedy vs. Seamaster 300 (Heritage)

Would you trade a Speedmaster in for a Seamaster 300 ( if there is a good financial compensation?

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It's not that I didn't know the Longines Conquest before, but after your photos I think I've found my next watch 🙈 I'm a sucker for green dials

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Congratulations! Man of class, I like the color matching with your tie. Well done!

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commented on new pencils ·

But seriously, this has once again shown why Nomos is so special. The pens were lovingly packaged and came with a handwritten card.

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I don't even want to imagine that.. but I guess every pencil would be made of rose gold and would weigh 2kg

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10 Euros - no brainer

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offering watches allowed on WC?

Before I break the rules: is it allowed to offer watches for sale here? Contact would be via DM

Which one?

Let’s pretend you got to choose one. Ignore the different pricing for the moment… The rest of the collection is pretty plain regarding the colors.
106 votes ·

strap fitting

Am I the only one who always lies exactly between two holes with straps? One is too loose, the next too tight and the space in between too narrow to a...

New limited edition Baltic announced

quite nice, but strictly limited to 200 pieces per model... :-(

NWA NOMOS Club Campus

To cut a long story short, I have finally found my NOMOS Club Campus. Bought a few, sold them again (all rookie mistakes...) too small, too big, taste...

strap recommendations

This beauty will arrive in a few days (not my wrist on the photo). Any strap recommendations?