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I might have to rethink quartz.

Earlier today, we were discussing the new Seiko Prospex divers, and as expected there were comments about it being overpriced because of the “terrible...

NSA (New Strap Alert)

Just got my new epsom leather straps from Sartoriale Straps of Canada and they are awesome. They have more colors that I want and will eventually get....

Which would you pick?

What simple 3 hand, versatile watch would you pick? Pretty similar design, 2 being chronometers and 1 having a reliable ETA based movement. Two are a $800 apart and one more than 2 times as expensive.
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commented on Finishing ·

I really want one, but sadly I don’t have a GS…yet

commented on OMG, all of our prayers have been answered!!! Grand Seiko is going to produce bracelets with micro-adjust!!! ·

The micro-adjust bracelet is as inconsequential as a sunroof in cars… for me. It’s not even on my radar when looking at a watch and I find it puzzling that it’s an essential feature for some, yeah yeah to each their own, but still…🤔

commented on Finishing ·

You don’t need a loupe to see the amazing finishing on a Grand Seiko.

commented on I shouldn’t like this watch so much, but… ·

It’s a beautiful watch. The HE valve just makes it more interesting.

commented on I set the time 5 weeks ago ·

For many, many years I wore watches with superlative, COSC like (Valjoux 7750) and quartz accuracy, never even gave accuracy another thought, until…

a Seiko with a 6R. It’s accurate when I wear it every other day and store it flat dial up. When not worn or stored this way, it’s terribly inaccurate, though still within manufactures stated precision

commented on Which is your favourite Seiko prospex shape/ model and why? ·

I like the 62 MAS and MM case shape much more than the ones you have listed.

commented on Could the NOMOS Metro Date Power Reserve be a good GADA watch? ·

Any watch could be a good GADA, but depends on the wearer.

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$250 substitute for GS SBGW 281, what do you think?

I think my next watch will be a Grand Seiko. I love the SBGW ( https://www.grand-seiko.com/us-en/collections/sbgw281g ) series, manual wind automatics...

Has anyone “settled” and it turn out okay…

Recently I was at Ben Bridges in Honolulu window shopping. The store, which has an awesome selection of brands was practically empty and the staff the...

Update: Seiko 5 Rowing Blazers on the wrist for 2 weeks.

Hey all, just an update on my purchase of the pink dial Seiko 5 Rowing Blazers latest collaboration. First off the pic is from Hodinkee. I switched ba...

Seiko 5 Rowing Blazer

Just got my Seiko 5 Rowing Blazer, the most recent Limited Edition. I need a new watch like I need a hole in the … The commemorative tin box it came i...

Did I get bamboozled? The Seiko 5 Rowing Blazer

I was intent on “downsizing” my collection in the next few months. Went to my daily fix of Hodinkee and saw Ronny Chieng advertising the new Seiko 5 a...