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So I鈥檓 done for a long time

I am done buying Aliexpress watches for a long time. Honestly, some have been hits and some have been a swing and a gigantic miss. However, I think on...

I REALLY want a Ming watch.

But I also hear about A LOT of movement and QC issues with them. Anyone own one? Anything you don鈥檛 like about it?

Fun Saturday night ahead.

Going to my neighbor鈥檚 house to play Cards Against Humanity. Haven鈥檛 played it in forever. 馃憣馃徑

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commented on vandalstone's WRUW

Is that a perpetual calendar Speedmaster? How would that work? Is it still a chronograph?

commented on bytemonkey's WRUW

Oh I know. I have one in there. I鈥檓 just not buying any more for a little while lol.

commented on bytemonkey's WRUW

If I hadn鈥檛 sworn off Aliexpress watches for a while, this would be one of my next watches.

commented on paradox369's WRUW

No I get it, I have done the same thing lol. However, I really want one. 馃ぃ

commented on paradox369's WRUW

I love this. However, this is a rare case for me where I鈥檓 going to 鈥渟ave up for the real thing.鈥 I have always loved Doxa and I want one in my collection.

commented on One week, one watch....Week 18

I was actually just looking at one of these online last night.

commented on Dive watch for around 1000?

Anything from Doxa, Seiko Prospex. There鈥檚 a lot of ISO rated Citizens.

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I鈥檓 going to assume the answer is no鈥

But can I post my new IG here? I wanted to create a new profile for people to see my watches on another platform, but idk if that鈥檚 allowed here.

What/how many organs can I sell and still live?

I need to know what I can sell (some of the more redundant organs, I presume) to get me a Patek 5970. 馃ぃ

Had to make the switch

Now that the housework is done. I haven鈥檛 worn this one in a little while so why not?

Any veterans out here?

As I look back on where I started vs where I am now, I have lost some friends along the way but gained so many more. This organization is a strange on...

Decision to be made.

I am going to try to convince the wife I need another watch. Once bills are paid, I鈥檓 going to use some of that tax return for a new watch. However, I...

Need some help

Anyone here collect vintage? I am looking into maybe getting a vintage piece or two. However, I have the attention span of a puppy who sees a squirrel...