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2024 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

On my 40th birthday, in January of this year, I received an incredible surprise: a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with a striking black face. As I unwrapped...

Patek Philippe Regulator

Certainly, The Patek Philippe 5235 is rare due to its limited production and distinctive design, featuring an annual calendar and a regulator-style di...

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commented on Horologycritic's WRUW ·

When the AD calls you take what they offer you. That one is also on the list, cheers

commented on Rate my watch collection ·

The reverso is the only one that has me drooling

commented on Horologycritic's WRUW ·

Thanks you doctor. The crème patina is very nice.

commented on Horologycritic's WRUW ·

You may be the only one paying attention!

commented on What the Vacheron sales rep said ·

I’m not sure I understand your comments and or question…Are you asking me why I would go thru the effort of educating people on what it takes to tango?Or play their game. It’s not about the attitude these dealers have, it’s reactions like this that turn them away from selling people watches with stars in their eyes. It’s a textbook that they’ve been trained to follow. If you’d like me to elabore I’d be happy to, but I don’t appreciate a derogatory comment in stating that I have never registered for a timepiece. If you took a minute to look at my profile you’ll appreciate what a real collector and admirer to looks like. Cheers @Horologycritic

commented on What the Vacheron sales rep said ·

Then what to do you know! you’re sitting down with your SA letting them know all about your wonderful great corporate job, recent promotion and your wonderful family and friends. Boom you’re in baby! Follow up every 4-5 weeks to say hello and what do you know, 6-8 months later you have your watch. What a beautiful love story. Xoxo - @Horologycritic

commented on What the Vacheron sales rep said ·

My recommendation is to go to the closest boutique where you live and let them know who you are before asking to try anything specific on. “ hi. I was interested in your brand and wanted to come in, take a gander and introduce myself. Nice to meet you, your name is? Great, I live in specific area of the city and have a been growing a collection of other names of brand watches. Thanks for having me. Do I need to have an appointment to view and purchase some timepieces? Full stop…. Then they are going to look at you up and down, probably at your wrist, hands/nails and shoes say something like thanks for stopping in, (Yes/no)(Yes)you need an appointment and they take your information and add your to their crm to follow up at a later date or never call you back (No) would you like something to drink, we’d love to set up an account for you. Please come this way, is there a specific piece you’d like to see? Then you name two to three watches and hopefully you at least get to look at one.

This is the only two scenarios

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