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Final thoughts on Rolex @ Watches & Wonders 2024 (and the Pepsi GMT craze..)

After soooo many months of hearing everyone saying that the Pepsi GMT was going to be discontinued, it was so cool to see how Rolex made the Pepsi its...

Watches & Wonders - Take 2 (can’t leave Andrew Morgan out)

Some more pics…

Watches & Wonders 2024 - Met some cool people!

I’m not going to post more pictures of watches, but I did want to share a few pictures of some cool people I met in person. A lot of cool timepieces a...

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commented on What is "entry level" Rolex?! ·

To me the word “entry-level” means “least expensive” rather than how complicated (or not) the piece is. I wouldn’t consider anything precious metal entry-level. Rolex would be OP and stainless steel versions of the Datejust.

commented on G-Shock DW6900 ·

Very cool. That was my first watch!

commented on tiffer's WRUW ·

Looks awesome! Perfect for summer! ☀️

commented on tiffer's WRUW ·

By the way, post some wrist shots. Want to see how it wears!

commented on tiffer's WRUW ·

For what is worth, I think it looks perfect.

commented on Two-tone watches: gaudy or perfect? ·

But I like seeing others wear them…

commented on Final thoughts on Rolex @ Watches & Wonders 2024 (and the Pepsi GMT craze..) ·

Yeah, I can see myself wearing that one as a daily. I think it checks all the boxes for what I’d look for on a daily. I’m also liking the (idea of a) new IWC Ingenieur, I’m just having a very hard time with its price. I guess I don’t love IWC enough (yet) to justify it.

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GMT-Master: Time zone to time zone

Being a proud owner of a GMT Master II, I appreciate Rolex releasing this video (a lot). Enjoy! By the way, the Pepsi is the G.O.A.T! Isn’t it?

Geeking out with the Casio x NASA collection (Please understand me!) 🧑‍🚀 🚀

Is this pretty cool or what?

[Awesome story inside] Casio x NASA collection complete. Thanks to WatchCrunch and a fabulous Cruncher! 🚀

A few days after I joined the WatchCrunch community the unexpected happened: a fellow cruncher noticed that I was missing one watch from the Casio x N...

Tried the IWC Ingenieur at the IWC Boutique in Miami’s Design District

So, I went to the IWC Boutique in Miami’s Design Destrict and tried this beauty. I liked it WAY MORE than I thought I would. I do agree, though, that...

Breitling watch available for sale on Swiss Airlines flight. Is that cool or what?

Sorry, this is a 10-hour flight and I’m bored af 😝🚀

Bucherer Zurich Airport

By the way, the Bucherer store at the Zurich airport, as of 1 hour ago, had a two-tone Skydweller (champagne dial), a rose oyster flex Yachmaster, and...