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Women wearing men’s watches

Although I’m a woman, I’m more interested in men’s watches. A woman was standing in front of me this afternoon when I was travelling home by train. Sh...

In NZ, is it okay to wear a watch?

Hi, fellow WC in New Zealand. I intend to relocate to Auckland either in the middle or at the end of the year. I'd like to know if wearing a watch whi...

Orient Kamasu, I'm amazed!

As a post-birthday gift for my father last year, I purchased him this wonderful Orient Kamasu. He has Parkinson's, and he wears this watch almost cons...

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AlwaysANewbie13 commented on Singapore WC meetup #2 @ Delugs ·

Hello, looks so cool but I have plans on that day. ☹️ Thanks for the invite tho…

AlwaysANewbie13 commented on Women wearing men’s watches ·

I completely agree with you. Women's watches with bling don't appeal to me. I have a strong preference for men's watches right now, but maybe that will change in the future.

AlwaysANewbie13 commented on Women wearing men’s watches ·

Sh sounds like a cool lady 😎

AlwaysANewbie13 commented on Women wearing men’s watches ·

She is one lucky woman 😊

AlwaysANewbie13 commented on Double, planned NWA for my wife and I. ·

The pink dial ❤️❤️❤️

AlwaysANewbie13 commented on I think I want one too 🤣 ·

A very beautiful watch. Happy anniversary to both of you!

AlwaysANewbie13 commented on AlwaysANewbie13's WRUW ·

Thanks 😊

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When exercising, you're sporting your favourite wristwatch

I did yoga today while sporting my lucky little Tudor BB 32 (I'm crazy) but I'm very glad things went well because it was my first time. Do you wear a...

Alternative Birthday Gift Watch

Hello there, fellow WC. I require your assistance. My friend's daughter turns 22 next Sunday. She wants him to get her a Cartier Panthere (I guess it’...

In a book, I came across this awesome looking watch 😄

Hello, fellow WC. Is there anyone here that is a police officer? I was reading the book "I Want To Be A Police Officer" to my preschoolers. Up until I...

Is this watch too large for me?

Greetings, fellow WC. Today, I visited a Tissot store to examine the 35mm PRX Powermatic. They only have the MOP and blue dial options right now, so I...

Help! Should I do this or not?

Greetings, fellow WC! I haven't stopped thinking about the 35mm since Tissot introduced it. Finally, it is accessible here! Although I realise it's to...

Lume Shot

I can't believe how beautiful this lume is. I'm tempted to buy additional watches right now. 😅