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Do yourself a favor. Even if your not in the market for one, go to Chrono24 and search “enamel”, just the word. You’ll see some of the most unique des...

Ok so….

While my new GS-SBGA467 does indeed have a glossy black dial in almost all light conditions (shown in pic), it also has a secret surprise dial feature...

Up close and personal….

Finally figured out how to capture inky black on cam. I’m thrilled with my first ink black dial. Researched them for a year & was resolved to get...

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commented on Is this the BEST WATCH EVER for you ?? ·

Well, an updated, modern version of this exact colorway?…..yeah maybe. Something about the look does it for me.

commented on Leaf hands! Where are they? ·
commented on Rolex Explorer vs Rolex Oyster Perpetual ·

Explorer 40mm 224270

commented on Up close and personal…. ·

It is, but juuuuust slightly.

commented on Up close and personal…. ·

Thanks! Yep that’s the one 👍🏼

commented on Up close and personal…. ·

Exactly right. Both I purchased were second hand but VERY good condition. My method is to look for those that are sold with box and papers. That seems to be a good way to find those that treat their pieces well. Also, both of mine were people that bought theirs and for whatever reason decided it wasn’t for them. Got them both and great prices and barely a mark on either.

commented on Up close and personal…. ·

Yeah, been through that trauma with my other GS. Took me a day to get over the first scratch 😂 doesn’t bother me now though. I buy ‘em to wear ‘em. 👍🏼

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Current SOTC

So far keeping to 5 pieces is working for me. Trading up instead of adding on. Easier on the wallet and keeps the ‘voices’ at bay 😂 Tissot is probabl...

Bracelet or Strap

GS with glossy black dial (impossible to capture in pics) question is, bracelet or strap? Super comfortable on each. Easy to swap.
85 votes ·

New arrival!

Thought I’d take you on the unboxing with me. More pics in comments. SBGA467

Band days…..

Ok, so back in the day (1989…ish) I was 19, in a band called Deadly Blessing (they still tour Europe today), that’s me on the right. Anyway, even with...


I mean, what else are you supposed to do on vacation if you’re not getting lost in endless watch related rabbit holes and winding up making a new purc...