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Who Wore The Cartier Santos Better?

So, I should be writing 2,000 words on the evolution of watch lume, but I need a break, lol. I haven't done one of these in a while but in honor of al...
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Who Wore it Better?

Just for fun, who wore this outrageous Rolex Daytona Leopard better? 馃槣 Nicholas Cage or Steven Tyler? My vote goes to Steven Tyler because it's just s...
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Who Gave the Better Gift?

Following Cage and Tyler, here鈥檚 another just for fun post; but this time about Celebrities gifting watches. Keanu gave steel Rolex Submariners, Bruno...
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Pablo Escobar's Rolex

Why did Pablo Escobar's watch sell for so little? It was a diamond encrusted Rolex Daydate and sold in 2013 for below market value
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Celebrity endorsed watches

Are watches that celebrities endorse better than watches without celebrities endorsing them?
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$18m for Paul Newmans Daytona??

Why ydid Paul Newman鈥檚 Daytona sell for almost $18m? I mean I know it from old pictures of him but wouldn鈥檛 you think the record would be held by a mo...
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Sunday Night Stupid Watch Thoughts

Daniel Striped Tiger from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood should be acknowledged as the OG gateway drug pusher that he was.
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Floyd Mayweather Watch Collection

Does anyone know which exact pieces are in Floyd Mayweather鈥檚 watch collection? I saw on tv he carries armored cases housing literally millions of dol...
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Ray Donovans watch collection

Can anyone identify the Ray Donovan watch collection? Live Schreiber has a nice watch box briefly seen in season one. Thanks.
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Dr Strange watches

Which watches are in Dr. Strange鈥檚 collection? I mean in addition to the Jaeger Matser Ultra Thin that he breaks and wears throughout the movie. Thank...
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My Essential 3

Dress, Casual & Sport. All I need... maybe a Chrono!? 馃槀
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What does a watch tell you about the person wearing it?

Do you think that much can be said about someone based on what watch they wear or nothing really?
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Zelos: 1+ & 1-

Review coming soon but for now I鈥檒l highlight one positive and one negative. + Lume everywhere馃巹: Hands, Indices, Chapter Ring, Bezel & Crown - Not...
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Collection so far, where to go next ?

Hey all so got to this point with my collection, happy so far but not sure where to go next or whether to pause for a bit and wait to see how the mark...
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Another Gift Home Run by the Wife!

Just wanted to show off my birthday present from my wife last year. I put it on a brown suede strap from Strapsco. She really got me some great watche...
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Ichi鈥檔 to Go!

Hehe sorry guys I鈥檓 just practicing my photography chops, if I have any chops anyway 馃榿. Hope you enjoy my clich茅 shots haha 鈥
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In the wild (not really)

I didn鈥檛 wear it boarding, but still looks great with the backdrop.
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Watch too big or small

How do you tell if a watch is too big or small for you? It seems to vary so much, even within certain diameters
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The Cherry Blossoms are all Perfect

Happy #seikosunday with the Samurai. Hope its sunny in your neck of the woods - no better way to kick off daylight savings. 馃
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The $10,000 question.

I have my buddy's 39 mm Explorer on loan and it has me thinking about Sinn. My Sinn 556A specifically. The 556 was my first "luxury" watch purchase an...
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