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Which Celebrity Owns the Best Collection?

Welcome to the world of Hollywood Celebrities watch collection, where luxury meets timeless style. All the hype pieces that were on the wrists of celebrities last year, from the Aude mars Piquet Black...
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Rotary "Navitimer homage" spotted on EastEnders

I don't know the name of the characters or the actor wearing the Rotary, but he was wearing a Rotary Aquaspeed Chronograph last night. I think they ma...
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Rules are simple: You can choose to be the brand ambassador for ANY brand You have to be seen in public with every watch that said brand decides to pu...
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Keanu Reeves gives out Rolex watches

He gave each member of his stunt team customized Rolexes to celebrate the completion of 'John Wick 4'
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French President removes watch during TV interview.

During a TV interview about the pension reforms in France the French President Emanuel Macron removed his watch. Interesting that the watch is not som...

France protests: Macron takes off watch during TV interview
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I use to "Pause" movies to identify the watch the actor is wearing!

I have to confess! Is really hard for me to watch a movie without pressing the pause button to see what watch the actor is wearing hahahaha... And I d...
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Zenith El Primero

Yet another reason I love this watch. For me and apparently Will Ferrell, the #zenithelprimero is the perfect chronograph - perfect size, great moveme...
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In a Roger-Rabbit-style world, what watch would Betty Boop wear?

So, I was holding my watch up in front of a Betty Boop shower curtain I use as a giant poster... and I started wondering what style, brand, etc watch...
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Who Wore The Cartier Santos Better?

So, I should be writing 2,000 words on the evolution of watch lume, but I need a break, lol. I haven't done one of these in a while but in honor of al...
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