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A watch filled with oil

Today’s conceptual watch is courtesy of the brand D1 Milano. As you just read, it’s a watch filled with oil, almost 10ml of it. It looks really cool t...

What is something watch collectors do that you find cringe or plain annoying?

Sometimes it’s the “if it doesn’t have swiss movement, it is crap”. Other times, it’s the “affordable watches under $20,000”. Me, I find annoying when...

Is this my new favorite dial?

I love when dials incorporate light and texture to create something special. It can be using an interesting material, like abalone, creating stamped p...

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commented on Brands You Won’t Buy From? ·

RZE/HVD Watches. Dan Henry. Their owners give me a bad feeling.

commented on I really like this new Serica Watch ·

That gray variant is begging me to be financially irresponsible. Do you know if this is a limited run or will it be available for various years?

commented on What is the coolest caseback you’ve seen? ·

I had never seen that Desanders, it’s amazing.

commented on What do you think of the Venezianico Nereide? ·

You do know that most consolidated brands use renders, right?

commented on What do you think of the Venezianico Nereide? ·

Have you seen a tungsten insert elsewhere? I love the idea but I haven’t seen any other brand doing them under 800 USD. I know the stone dials are common (Signum makes them at a great price actually) but tungsten is so expensive to machine I doubt they’ll ever try it.

commented on Y'all know any affordable Dive watches? ·

Fleux has a similar style at discount until tomorrow (around 420 USD)

commented on Update ·

Looks amazing!

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An Unconventional Artefact

Yesterday I stumbled upon a unique watch design, something of the retro-futuristic style Farer has without forsaking its own bold personality. What yo...

What is the coolest caseback you’ve seen?

Because, for me, it’s the one in Montblanc’s Iced Sea 0 Oxygen Deep 4810. It features a beautiful relief, engraved in grade-5 titanium, and various sh...