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Kentucky Crunchers Meetup

Hello all. Anyone else live in Central Kentucky or the surrounding areas who would be interested in a Meetup? Never been to one because none that I've...

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commented on skurtis's WRUW

I've seen quite a few of those on here-looks like Jody did a REALLY nice job! Beautiful. 馃憤馃敟

commented on Trail_Time's WRUW

Beautiful piece! I've been lusting after those. Vaer makes great stuff.

commented on Woodson's WRUW

She's a keeper! And apparently so is the gal! 馃槑馃榿

commented on The Diver's Extension Clasp Saga Continues!

Very similar, for sure, but Marc has an Islander branded clasp with extension. It is pretty much a spitting image of the Strapcode. I have it on one of his oyster-type bracelets; mounted on my Heritage Ranger. It helps balance out the weight of the watch and makes a world of difference in comfort.

commented on The Diver's Extension Clasp Saga Continues!

Long Island Watch has a nice one, well made, and works very well. Not inexpensive at around USD $59, but it is an excellent clasp, IMHO.

commented on mixitup's WRUW

Lexington here-right next door. 馃憤馃枛

commented on KYwatchguy's WRUW

Actually not, it's all factory. Casio's nomenclature is DWE-5657RE-1CR. Pretty catchy name, right? It also comes with a second, replaceable bezel.


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