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A Bale of Turtles

My “bale” of Seiko Turtles. (Yes, that’s what they’re called. I looked it up.) SRPG19 King Turtle PADI. SRPA21 PADI Special Edition and SRP775 Gilt Di...

The Twenty Teens are my favorite Seiko era

The Twenty-Teens are definitely my favorite era of Seiko. I could have included a couple more in this shot (SNK809,Sumo…), but I don’t have that much...

🚨 NWA 🚨 Seiko SKX173 - US Market Edition

Thanks to an excellent trade from someone in the Seiko Watch Group, I have my dream SKX. A very nice condition SKX173 to sit alongside my 009. I’ve al...

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Yeah. The white one is possibly my next watch.

commented on A Bale of Turtles ·

Unfortunately, I just don’t like the way the Willard looks on my tiny wrist. I know it’s actually smaller, but it looks so wide with the crown bulge. Lovely watch, though.

commented on A Bale of Turtles ·

It’s on the ever-growing list!

commented on A Bale of Turtles ·

Got it from Tee Public or one of those sites.

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I’ve bought several watches to replace my SNK809. None have. They’re all gone now.

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Which one for a lifer?

I have a big anniversary coming up and a portion of the tax refund I’m authorized to spend. My good friend loaned me my final contenders. Seiko SPB143 and 185. First impressions… Wish the 143 was just...
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Should I get another DressKX?

Thinking about getting another one of these. The SRPE53’s polished bezel is a scratch magnet and I dressed it up a bit much with the Louis-J Strapcode...

My Most Worn Watch of 2023

What a shock! My most-worn watch of the year was a Seiko! Specifically my SRPG19 King Turtle PADI. It’s the watch I’ve just seemed to reach for when I...

SOTC - The Seikos - And what’s to come!

It’s the end of the year and time for State of the Collection posts! I obviously own way more Seikos than I do anything else. The only brand that’s cl...

Ducks are evil…

Watching Chris Kreider and my Rangers beat up some Ducks. (The poorly-named hockey team. Not the waterfowl. Although all waterfowl are evil creatures....