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Biggest watch you own.

I have been recently, tossing around the idea of buying a first generation Seiko monster with the orange dial, of course. So this evening I decided to...
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Watch crunch influence

I’ve had a G-Shock for several years, but after sneakily looking into all your collections. I decided to add this fella to mine a Casio G-Shock, DW 56...
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Sad Christmas morning (kind of)

First off this is just me crying out to like minded individuals. Today I woke up to put on my Slava pulse meter. I have been trying to track one down...
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Volvomike commented on BB chrono on rubber, yes or no? ·

I’m not a huge fan of chronographs I owned a few, but let them go. Tudor is very far out of my price range, but that strap and watch combination is to die for. I MEAN WOW!😎

Volvomike commented on Birthday Watch Alert!! ·

Well played sir!

Volvomike commented on One watch-One month-Day 6-MyCollectionProject ·

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Volvomike commented on One watch-One month-Day 6-MyCollectionProject ·

The straps sir, where did you get the strap? Sorry… watch is pretty sweeeet also!

Volvomike commented on Birthday Watch Alert!! ·

That lady of yours not only listens, but has good taste as well. Hold onto that one!

Volvomike commented on Watches that surprised you, good edition. ·

Hated the monster on sight for quite awhile…look at me now.

Volvomike commented on I am not feeling Azul, just Rojo y Amarillo para la Energía! ·

The monster is here to stay but the SNK has just been listed on eBay. Not a plug just thought my little rhyme was pretty awesome!

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Hey buddy thanks!

Thanks for the inspiration to the extra dusty werewolf. I was a big zero all day long today!
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The little one is part of the club!

Short and sweet just like her. Always on her wrist. Today she says “ dad can I get a wrist shot” That’s my girl!
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New guy

Thanks to Peter Costa for sending me here! Looks like I found a new place to waste tons of time.
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