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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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Review: The Armitron Rogue - value in a steel case

If you’re into digital watches or even just cheap and fun watches, this is one you should try. I recently returned a gold Casio A168 because I didn’t...

Armitron Rogue

4.2 Avg. Score

A ubiquitous watch, in a rare color!

I wanted to get an A168 and tried getting the traditional black dial, but Walmart canceled my order a few days after I placed it. Disappointed, I deci...

It’s alive!

Sentimental digital watch is back in the game!

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commented on Which color would complement and enrich your collection? ·

I’ve always admired that Timex

commented on I'm also a carpenter ·

Very cool! I hope the chamfers are crisp and the movement is a smooth sweep 😆

commented on What percentage of your income do you spend on watches each year? ·

Lol, I have very sweet in-laws. Started dating their daughter as a teenager and 20 years and two kids later I guess they still think of me that way 😆

commented on What percentage of your income do you spend on watches each year? ·

With a family to support, I don’t spend earnings from my job on watches. I just save my Christmas and birthday money and spend that, guilt free.

It usually means I can buy a cheap digital whenever I want and then maybe a Seiko 5, or I can save for a couple years and get a decent microbrand, which is what I’m doing now.

commented on Max's WRUW ·


commented on Avoiding Certain Brands ·

Gotcha, that totally makes sense. That type of marketing (combined with what they charge) is what turns me off to Shinola. Transparency matters.

commented on Avoiding Certain Brands ·

I promise I’m not trolling, I’m genuinely curious. What’s the difference between a Dartmouth brand and Lorier (shown in your avatar)? Both are 100% made in China and sold under a different country’s flag. Is it the size of the company that makes it feel different?

I like some of Lorier and Traska’s designs but I can’t pull the trigger because they lean into Chinese labor so hard.

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This is out of control

Sentimental Digital

My wife received this souvenir casino watch in a collection from her now deceased grandparents. I just replaced the buckle and I am waiting for a dono...

I think I need to take a break… 😵‍💫

Found this on eBay and thought I’d been looking at watches too long 😂

The Functional Sweet Spot

I wanted a true “beater” that could also be used in hunting scenarios. Looked at G-Shocks but eventually decided that I like the simplicity of traditi...

Bracelets- Hot or Cold Weather Accessory?

I am of the mindset that the bracelets get worn in the hot months and replaced by leather in the cold ones but I’ve heard others say the reverse lately. Where do you stand?
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Vintage Watches as Modern Accessories

How many of you wear a vintage watch in your usual rotation? Like many things, I find doing so is full of trade offs. For instance, you might gain the...